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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust!

As Nymaway sits by one of the fires, she notices Dargo, and Allei off to the side speaking to one another, she narrows her eyes focusing on Allei's hand gestures which appear aggressive. A few moments pass by, and Dargo disappears into the shadows, and Allei is throwing her paws up into the air storming off.

A soft sigh escapes her crimson lips, she turns around hovering her right hand just above the ground, she whispers a few soft words, then roots slowly come up through the soil pushing towards her hand then slowly wrapping itself around her wrist. Nymaway focuses on the roots for a moment trying to tune out the others around her, but her moment of silence is broken when Greavell's voice can be heard across the mind link. “ We are ready.” With a wave of her left hand the roots unravel from her wrist then quickly draw back into the ground.

She stands slowly stretching at first giving the illusion that she is relaxed, and not alarmed. She glances around through the crowd spotting King Bruenor standing over by the ale barrels speaking to a warlock of his clan, Blasphemee.

Nymaway watches the two for a moment, before scanning the crowd once more, she then walks over to them. “ I am sorry to interrupt, but I have received word that the scout has been dealt with, when you are ready King Bruenor send in your first group.”

King Bruenor looks away from Blasphemee, and up at Nymaway. “ Once I finish me ale I will get right on it Lady Alpha.”

A smirk spreads across Nymaway's face as she watches King Bruenor down his entire mug in one gulp. “ Ready now?”

“Not yet.” King Bruenor stares at his empty mug.

Folding her arms then narrowing her eyes looking at King Bruenor. “ Well what are we waiting for?”

A loud belch echoes from the king's mouth, and then a relaxed sigh. “ Now I am ready.”

King Bruenor passes his empty mug to Blasphemee, then marches off towards the crowd shouting getting the attention of his clan.

Nymaway leans against the barrel watching the crowd gather, collecting her thoughts, knowing soon she will have to gather her pack, and further prepare them for battle.

“My lady, the Alpha Guard is ready for you, please come with me.” Ultraroth's voice echoes slightly, his glowing eyes focused on her.

She looks up at the death knight then smiles. “ What would I do without you.” She then steps away from the barrel offering her arm to him.

He takes her arm then escorts her to those on guard duty. “Listen up, do not let your alpha out of your sight. You must not allow her to fall! Stay with her, the enemy will surely focus her.”

Nymaway looks up at Ultraroth once more, before moving towards the center of the camp, the alpha guard follow her without question.
Greavell meets with her in the center taking his place by her side. The rest of the pack now gathers waiting for the orders to move out.

King Bruenor steps into the center. “ I am sending in a group of me finest now, we shall see what we are up against eh?”
He turns around waving his hand in the air giving the signal to his group to move out.

A wave of anticipation could be felt among the pack members, they all slightly tense up, and move uneasily.

“ Aye, and now we wait.” Nymaway says loudly looking at her pack members.
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