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re: The Fires of Grief

It was an early Tuesday morning in Gilneas, the skies were gray, though the rain seemed to fall a bit heavier then usual.
The worgen of Nymaway's pack in their human forms, all dressed in black attire standing in a circle on the side of a hill in Aderic's Repose, their heads lowered, and in complete silence, other then the rain drops hitting the red cedar hardwood casket they surrounded.

Nymaway steps out of the circle towards the casket, three jet black feathers in her hair move with the wind, she gestures to Greavell, and Daugus, her cheeks a faint pink, and tear stained, she looks back at the casket.

Greavell, and Daugus both move from the circle carrying a red and white cloth, they drape it over the casket which shows their pack's symbol. Both then step away, and move back into the circle.

“ It was a great privilege for us all to have known Orevic, and have him part of our pack. Orevic was a man of great faith who counseled many during trying times. He was some one who fought along our side in battle, and would do everything in his power to make sure no one was harmed. Orevic was our trusted friend, and brother. Now we lay him to rest, and may his rest be forever peaceful.”

Allei a rogue of the pack, one who watched Orevic die, stayed behind a tree, every so often she would take a peek at the ceremony, but would quickly retreat behind the safety of the tree, tears rolling down her cheeks, she guilted herself for not being able to save him.

A soft sigh escapes Nymaway's lips as she looks around at all of the solemn faces, she then gestures towards the casket once more, Greavell and Daugus step out removing the cloth from the casket. As they begin to fold it, Cyanna a druidess begins to sing a soft mournful tune.

Geheran, and Hitavo then step from the circle and move towards the casket, they begin to lower it into the ground, and as it lowers the rain seems to cease for a brief moment. Cyanna continues the mournful tune until the casket has been completely lowered into the ground.

Everyone looks to Nymaway, their faces filled with painful emotion, she then nods to them all, and they begin to move one by one dropping red roses down onto the casket then turning away from the hill facing the tattered Gilnean flag that flapped in the wind in front of the Cathedral.

When everyone has moved away from the hill, Allei steps out from behind the tree making her way over to the burial site, she whispers softly as she looks down at the casket. “ Good by my friend, I promise to avenge you.” She then drops a single red rose and walks away to join the rest of her pack.

As the pack stares at the tattered Gilnean flag something seems to awaken in all of them, a sense of anger now brews. Their eyes begin to look more animalistic then human, they look towards Nymaway, and she returns the same stare. “ Those who have done this to Orevic will pay, we will never forget what has happened to our fallen brother, tonight the bones of the undead will burn.”

The members of the pack whistle for their Gilnean steeds, they mount up and ride off to go prepare for the fight they would face later that night.

Many hours later Nymaway dressed in her leather armor, her staff in hand, she waits patiently at the broken gate of Gilneas. One by one the members of her pack begin to show up, all ready for the fight ahead of them.
Once all are in attendance Nymaway begins to quickly go over the plan, as she does Xeroan walks up and down the rows inspecting everyone making sure they are alert, and ready for battle.

“ The DreadFangs have reported that those who have taken the life of Orevic reside in Brill, which is located in the Tirisfal Glades. We are going to destroy all undead in our path, and those who aid them. When we are finished we will burn their bones so they may never come back to haunt this world again.”

Xeroan walks up to Nymaway with a fierce look in her eyes. “ They are ready my Alpha, on your command we will move out.”

Greavell steps away from Nymaway, he turns his attention towards the pack. “ Alpha Guard you know what your job is, protect your Alpha with your life, do not let her stray out of your sight, when others come to aid the undead they will target her.”

Geheren along with many others who are oath sworn nod, and salute understanding their orders. The pack watches Nymaway closely, waiting for her command, a wave of silence comes over them until the sound of their Alpha's bones begin to snap, she lets out a growl as she shifts to her worgen form. The others follow her actions and begin to all shift at the same time, they then drop down on all fours chasing after Nymaway.

She leads them away from the Gilnean gates, and through a small abandoned village called
Pyrewood Village, and down a path through Silverpine Forest. Through the forest growls can be heard, as pack members snap at the air violently, bumping into each other, kicking up dirt with their giant claws, their howls echo through out the forests, which seem to silence all of the other creatures the linger in the area.

They make their way out of Silverpine forest, and now are in Tirisfal Glades, the pack grows silent, quickly they move through the forests past the gates of the Undercity, and up north towards Brill.

Once outside of the small town the pack watches the entrance of Brill quietly observing all that is going in and out. When the path appears clear Nymaway leads a full charge into the town, her pack follows behind her growling, and attacking the undead guards at the entrance. Teeth, and blades cutting into bones can be heard loudly as they bring down the guards.

More undead rush out of the buildings letting out deathly screeches, they meet with the pack, blades clinking against other blades, war cries from both sides echo through out the town. One by one the undead begin to fall, but soon more appear, and start to surround them.

Noelynn snarls as she throws her paws up in the air, she whispers something then in the eyes of the undead she grows ten times the size of them letting out a roar which sends the undead running away in a fear.

Nymaway lets out a loud shout as she summons up a series of roots from the ground that wrap themselves around the bodies of the undead that are trying to reanimate. “ We must burn them now!”

Bocephus growls jumping out of the fray, he begins to call forth his fire magics, he aims his paws at the undead who have been cut down, and rooted, and with one last whisper of his spell, fire shoots from his paws all over the undead bodies burning them.
Smoke billows in the air as the piles of undead burn, and the town now appears clear, Nymaway turns and faces the statue of the Dark Lady, she looks up at it glaring, she shouts. “ You are next you Dark Bitch!”

The pack regroups then begins to howl, they drop down on all fours running out of the town leaving Brill and the undead bodies burning with the fires of their grief.

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re: The Fires of Grief

((And this is what draws me back, even though I don't fit the age demographic here. I love the rp stories and the sense of camaraderie.

Great story, Nym!))


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