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re: Markamus hears the call part 1

Markamus has never been one to travel in large groups. Ever since he was young he always did his best to stay away from gatherings. He prefers to sit quietly over the hills of Stormwind, stroking the black hair of his companion Bahla as she rubs her face on his thigh with approval.

Polishing his gun with a linen cloth, he reminisces the times when he and his younger brother Fuma would run around free from any worries of the world. Staring in the horizon, he contemplates on the amount of times they had gotten themselves into trouble and what the beating he use to take to save the arse of his younger sibling.

His brother is now a part of the SI-7, a secret society of assassins that serve under the King Wrynn. Markamus on the other hand was part of the infantry of 99th Grand Alliance Fleet. From what he has heard through the wire, his brother is on a mission to rescue the prince in a distant land called Pandaria. Through his final conversations with Fuma before his departure, Markamus has learned that he has joined another organization more focused on protecting their most recent homeland of Gilneas.

He has asked Markamus to join to represent their family while he was away. Hesitant at first, Markamus has quickly realized that joining brings out the best in his abilities.

Staring at the clouds, he remembers how difficult his path was after being bitten. Being called anything other than human was hard for him to take in. He lost count of how many times he has gotten in fights due to being called a monster or beast. Whenever his anger reaches a boiling point, he transforms into a half man half wolf enhancing his abilities to be a better Marksman. Shaking his head, he lets out a small laugh reminding him of how much has changed. Laying on the grass, he places one of his small bags behind his head as he prepares to take a nap.

Closing his eyes Markamus starts to doze off when he is suddenly awakened by a distant voice and image of their alpha wolf Greavell regarding the undead. He then hears a distant howl of his druidess coming from the Dwarven District and realizes the urgency. Inhaling the cool breeze, he looks at Bahla giving her a nod that it’s time to go. In one swift motion he transforms into his Worgen form and lets out a howl. He drops down on all fours as they both race towards their destination.

"If a man hasn"t discovered something that he will die for, he isn"t fit to live.
And I am his executioner."

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