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re: Allei Hears the Call.

(( This was written by Allei ))

“What do you mean I didn’t do good enough!? I beat that damn dog to the punch didn’t I?!” The cry of anger echoed through the small building and into the woods beyond. “I did the job faster than that mongrel did.” The male voice snorted out as he crossed his arms. “Give me my due.”A laugh pierced the quiet after the outburst and soon the light sounds of footsteps could be heard.

The orc that was in the building turned just as a worgen appeared in the doorway smirking and holding a sack. “You might have beaten me to the punch. But I completed the job with more accuracy then you could have.” Allei smirked then and looked to the figure in the corner. The hooded figure flickered a little as the spell he was casting seemed to shimmer in the change of light. “Ah the worgen…. Yes, good timing. Very good timing. I knew you were the right one for the job.

Now.. If you would be so kind as to pu….” Allei froze then tuning out the words of the figure and the glaring orc. Something touched her mind then and she closed her eyes a moment focusing on it.“ Brothers, and sisters, hear me.” A faint vision of Gilneas appears, and two rows of undead lined up in front of the Cathedral. A growl escapes her lips then as her eyes go to the Orc. “Send me the payment as usual. I have something else that has come up. You know how to contact me if you will need anything else.”

Glaring at the Orc she moved then and sprinted out the door vanishing into the shadows. A howl was heard, loud and true searching for any other of her packmates within the area of the Highlands. She rushes out of Northfold Manor before mounting up and heading for Gilneas.
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