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re: [RP] Beautiful Dreamer.

The flames dance in the fire pit in the center of the cave, moving back and forth they were almost hypnotic to watch. A loud crackle startles Greavell out of his thoughts, he looks over at Nymaway, his eyes grow tender as he watches her lay there in her dream state. So peaceful she appeared in her human form. No expressions of worry, or anger across her porcelain face, her auburn hair flowed like water down her shoulders glistening in the light of the fire. For a moment Greavell understood what it was like to look at Nymaway in a world free of the curse, and hatred. At this very moment she was free of all those things.

A soft tune echoed in Nymaway's ears as she opened her eyes. At first everything appeared in a haze as her eyes adjust. Sitting up she looks to her right where the song can be heard. A quick glimpse of a creature that has the head, arms, and torso of a night elf female, but the rest of her body was that of a fawn. This was known as a Dryad, the creature was breathtakingly beautiful, and of course gone in a blink of an eye. The soft tune still lingers in the air which now seemed to be coming from every direction.

Still sitting where she awoke Nymaway looks around, her mouth falls open, then lets out a gasp for she is stunned by the growth of the vegetation all around her. The trees were perhaps four times the size of the ones outside of the dream, the colors of the plants were vivid, and full of life. This land appeared pure and untouched by the troubles of the world. Even the grass appeared greener and fuller. All around her the world was blooming with life.

Finally standing she takes in a deep breath of air, it felt cool and crisp hitting her lungs, she then stretches letting out a sigh. Something feels different how ever she can't quite place her finger on it. She looks around making a full spin, then down at her feet, legs, arms, and then hands. Nothing seemed unusual in her human form. Still something felt very off to her. Her spirit felt lighter then air, and she didn't understand why.

Lost in the feelings of true peace, she fails to notice that the beautiful songs around her were no longer being sung. An eerie silence seemed to fall over the area, and the air begins to feel thick. A dark shadow begins to appear, the deep green grass begins to whither and turn brown. Fear begins to replace peace as she turns, her bluish green eyes grow wide with fright as she faced the darkness. This was known as the Emerald Nightmare.

Paralyzed by the display, she watched in horror as it moved slowly towards her. The leaves of the trees were shriveling up, and dieing falling to the ground. The screams of the trees, and what ever poor creature was caught up in the nightmare could be heard.

As the nightmare slowly moves in her direction, a familiar feeling returns. A rage starts to boil within her heart, and the pain of her bones snapping could be felt. Nymaway lets out a scream, as she shifts into her worgen form now blinded by hatred she starts to run towards the nightmare with out much fear or rational thought.

Suddenly a giant tree in the path of the nightmare begins to move, slowly at first pulling its roots out of the ground, its eyes glow, and the great green beard made of leaves rustle as its mouth moves slowly. “” The giant tree bends down picking Nymaway up holding onto her tightly in his wooden claws, he then turns around taking giant steps away from the nightmare.

The further the giant tree carries her away from the nightmare, the growling, and screaming, and the rage emanating from Nymaway starts to die down. Unable to move her arms, or legs in the tree's grasp all she can do is observe her surroundings, including the giant tree that is carrying her. “ Are you an Ancient Protector?” she asks studying his face, hoping he will respond.

The giant tree says nothing in response, but continues to carry her through the thick lush forest. Every so often she hears a faint howl in the distance, her ears perk up, she tries to catch the scent, but her sense of smell is so overwhelmed by the vegetation all around her, she can't single out the creature behind the howls.

Nymaway looks back up at the giant tree, then lets out a soft sigh as he continues to carry her through the forest. She places her paw on the side of her face, and looks out to the forest, her eyes squint slightly as she tries to see what is moving in the shadows.

Now in what appears to be a small clearing the giant tree bends down gently placing her on the ground, he then stands tall, and begins to dig his roots back into the ground, his eyes close, and he appears as a normal tree.

A smirk forms across Nymaway's muzzle as she stares at the tree for a moment, she places her paw on one of the lower branches then whispers. “ Thank you.” She then turns around facing the clearing, it was truly a magnificent sight. The clearing was covered in lush green grass, and the sky above swirled of deep blues. She walks to the center of the clearing, and stands there for a moment taking it all in.

Suddenly to her left something rushes out of the forest, and onto the clearing. It was a giant white wolf, who paid no attention to Nymaway, but instead stopped letting out a loud howl, and then others appeared behind her. The first to appear was a jet black wolf with light blue eyes, followed by others of different colors. They all stopped and howled responding to their Alpha's call.

Chills run down Nymaway's spine as she watches the large group, she could feel her fur standing up on the back of her neck. She wanted to run with them more then anything, her soul screamed for it, and then something happened. The Alpha looked to her, but it startled Nymaway for the Alpha's eyes were completely closed, and they never opened.

She lowers her head out of respect, and within seconds the Alpha turns leading her pack into the forest. When she looks up, Nymaway could swear she sees emerald feathers tied into the Alpha's fur.

Quickly glancing around the clearing, she drops down on all fours, and begins to chase after the pack, she is now driven by her instincts more then anything. To run, and be free of the burdens of the world. Such a pleasant, and addicting feeling.

The trail the pack left led her to an entrance of a cave, near by a stream trickled, and the stones on the top of the cave were covered n a deep blue moss. Nymaway stands catching her breath, she looks around and whispers. “ Hello?”

A few sounds that can be heard is the chirping of a near by cricket, and the calls of the bull frogs in the stream. The area appeared peaceful, and felt like a home, she could not resist, and walks into the cave.

When she walks in she is greeted by a fire, but her eyes grow wide when she sees her own body in human form laying peacefully on the ground, and Greavell quietly watching over her.

She whispers softly to Greavell, but he does not hear her, or see her. He quietly tends to the fire, then runs his hands through her auburn hair watching her sleep.

Nymaway leans against the cave wall watching the two, not entirely sure what to make of this vision, she then begins to think of her home, and her pack. Her heart begins to grow heavy, and she knows she must go back, but how?

Suddenly whispers can be heard from all over the cave. “ Go back to sleep.” Nymaway tilts her head as she listens to the whispers that say the same thing over and over again. “Go back to sleep?”

She then walks over to her body, and lays down next to it closing her eyes, allowing herself to fall asleep. She then slowly opens her eyes, and she is back in the cave, she looks up at Greavell, and peacefully asks. “ How long was I asleep for?”

Greavell looks down at her, his eyes filled with joy. “ You were asleep for two weeks.”

Nymaway's brow wrinkles in confusion. “ Two weeks? It felt like only a day in the dream, I had no idea I would be asleep for that long, my apologies.”

“ It is alright my Alpha, you needed to do this, shall I get you something to eat?” Greavell looks towards his backpack full of supplies.

A rather loud gurgle can be heard from Nymaway's stomach. “ Well now that you mention it I suppose I could eat.”

The two laugh for a brief moment then begin to talk about the last two weeks. All appears peaceful for now, but little did they know a warlock lingered outside of the cave, an evil grin on his face as he listened closely to the two.

To be continued.
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re: cant wait for more

That is great i so cant wait for more. i have been working again on mine its really starting to grow each time i sit down in front of it, cant wait to share it with everyone.


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