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re: Päck News!

Last night Alpha Nymaway was approached by Bryarrose in the Blue Recluse, she was brought down into the basement, and informed that Luinsul was captured by demonic creatures. Apparently she had been missing for over a weeks time.

Enraged by the carelessness of Luinsul's order, Nymaway ordered the DreadFangs to begin searching for her.

The DreadFangs gathered quickly, and moved out, rumor had it she was being held in the Outlands. They searched every where, taking down any horde in their path, until finally they found her. She was being held in the air surrounded by demonic creatures that were holding her there with their dark magics.

The DreadFangs moved in, and took down the demonic creatures, and then began to patrol. Once the area was secured, Nymaway, and Urufu began to work their healing magics in hopes to heal the pregnant Luinsul.

After a great amount of time, and a little chaos, Luinsul finally was revived, but her immortality was no longer with her. When she came to, she screamed in fear for she thought those around her were not real.

More time passed, and finally she was convinced that those around her were in fact real. Nymaway looked to Luinsul's order, and asked them to take her to a safe location so that she may recover fully.

The DreadFangs then disappeared into the shadows now that their job was done.

(( I know this is a little different from my usual RP stories, I will be working on one with more details and names, I just wanted to give a brief update on last nights RP/DreadFang events. ))
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