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re: By Blood Be Bound.

On the way to the bank in the Trade District of Stormwind, Nymaway hums a gentle tune. Nothing seems out of place, the sky is bright blue, folks all around seem to be in pleasant spirits, over all it appeared to be an excellent day.

She stops off at her mailbox, which was a few feet from the steps of the bank, opening it she lets out a soft sigh, as always, it is filled with different parchments. She picks one up, opening it she finds herself looking at a picture of a bag of gold, and in bold print reading, “ WE CAN MAKE YOU RICH, with only three easy payments of $19.95!”

Closing the lid of the mailbox, she rolls her eyes as she stuffs the parchments into her backpack, she then starts to make her way towards the steps of the bank, until she hears her name coming from the alley. Nymaway stops turning looking into the alley, her eyes narrow for a moment, for all she can see is a pair of eyes in the shadows.

Moving closer a rogue steps from the shadows, she sighs with relief when she sees it is Alenjandros, a member of her pack. Puzzled she looks around then back to him. “ Why are you hiding in here?”

Alenjandros remains silent, he runs his left hand through his jet black hair, his brown eyes shine, but the rest of his face can not be seen, for it is hidden beneath a black leather mask.

“ Well are you going to say anything?” Nymaway says with a rather annoyed tone, and in a blink of an eye Alenjandros spins her around, pinning her against the brick wall whispering in her ear. “ We can not talk here my lady.” He quickly slips a small folded parchment into her hand, and then backs away giving her an urgent look before fading away into the shadows.

Her crimson lips fall open as she stares in shock, and disbelief of what just happened in that moment, she quickly composes herself making her way out of the alley, she walks up the steps of the bank looking behind her for a second, nothing appears out of place, she turns her head then walks into the bank.

“Lady Nymaway we are glad to see you are back, can we assist you with your vault today?” A well groomed bank teller says to her. “Please just bring me to my vault, then leave me.” The bank teller nods then leads the way. Once at the vault the bank teller turns and looks to her. “ Shall I open your vault for you Lady?” She shakes her head. “ No I can manage myself, thank you.” The bank teller looks confused for a moment, but decides not to question her, he then bows turning around walking out.

Once alone she opens the small folded parchment, and begins to read a small message.

I have come across something quite alarming... Not safe to talk now... Gather the pack... I will find you.

Nymaway turns the parchment over in hopes for more details, but there is nothing, she then mutters to herself. “ I knew today was too good to be true.” She folds the parchment back up placing it in a pouch on her hip, then opens her vault collecting the funds she will need to take care of her pack's drink later on when she calls them together.


Later that night, Nymaway finds herself sitting at the head of a table closest to the bar in The Blue Recluse. The tavern was rather busy for a Monday night, the table to her left is filled with others, drinking, and laughing with one another.

At her table the mood was rather different, the other pack members could sense their Alpha's stress, and worry, they all stare at Nymaway quietly drinking their ale patiently waiting for her to speak.

She glances to the entrance to see Greavell walking in, a bit of relief washes over her as he takes his seat to the right of her.

“ Has anyone seen Alenjandros?” She looks around the table hoping that some one will speak up, but no one does. “ He came to me this morning, and gave me a small parchment which did not give me much detail, all that is said was he found something alarming.”

Orevic a skilled priest in the pack, lets out a hearty chuckle. “I wonder if all the husbands of the women he charmed are now after him. I would be pretty alarmed if I was in his boots!” Suddenly the table erupts in laughter, and the mood starts to lighten a little.

Nymaway leans back in her chair, she lets out a chuckle, but looks to Greavell. “ Go find Alenjandros, I need to speak to him about this morning.” Greavell stands then nods. “ I will go check his camp, I shall return shortly.”

She watches him leave the tavern then looks back to her pack members who are talking to one another about their day, nothing seems out of place, everyone seems to be doing well.

Carcajou, a druid, and Beta of the pack sits quietly at the other end of the table. She watches him for a moment then looks to the door to see Noelynn, a beautiful priestess also in her pack. Carcajou about falls over getting up rushing to Noelynn leading her back to the table.

Nymaway lets out a faint laugh watching the two then is startled by a waiter holding a bottle of wine standing next to her. “ This is from the gentleman in the corner.” He places the wine down before her with a glass, then uncorks the bottle. She looks up at him thanking him, then looks around the tavern, she doesn't see anyone in the corner, perhaps he has moved she thinks to herself.

Picking up the bottle she brings it to her nose breathing in the sweet aroma, then looks at the label smiling. “ It would appear I have a fan.” She lets out a chuckle grabbing the glass, but suddenly Carcajou stands up. “ My Alpha I don't think you should drink that, you don't know who gave that to you.” The table is now silent, and all eyes on Carcajou, a frown appears across Nymaway's face as she holds the bottle looking across the table at him. “ Well who ever has sent this knows my taste in wine.” She places the bottle down, then looks to Belville who is sitting to her left. “ Please dispose of this for me.” The warrior nods standing up grabbing the bottle of wine, and heads towards the exit.

Carcajou makes his way towards Nymaway holding a bottle of honey mead. “ I am sorry, but I just don't trust it, and I just can't handle....” She stops him, placing her hand on his wrist. “ I know Carcajou, it was foolish of me to have even considered drinking it.”

He pours the mead into her glass then suddenly falls back, dropping the bottle as a beam of fell energy comes blasting from the corner hitting him in the chest. Audo jumps up from his chair knocking Carcajou out of the beam, and onto the floor.
The sounds of bones snapping, and growls can be heard as the table of pack members now shift to their worgen forms. A druid named Beast jumps over the table launching himself into the corner from where the beam came from dragging out a worgen warlock who is snarling.

Nymaway's eyes grow wide, when she sees the warlock, she whispers his name slowly. “ Caeldan Carduul.” Her eyes then narrow, as the pack now surrounds the two of them growling. “ You were the one responsible for the incident a while back with that demon.” The warlock says nothing in return, all he does is stare at her with a smug smile forming across his muzzle. Nymaway clenches her fists moving closer to him. “ What was in that wine? Why are you after me, and my pack?” The warlock tilts his head still looking her in the eyes. “ The Maulgrim are no more, you cannot hide behind them any longer.”

A growl starts to form in her throat, she can feel herself losing her temper, but then Noelynn cries out from where she was with Carcajou. “ What is happening to him?!” Nymaway turns her head to see Carcajou convulsing on the floor, then looks back to the warlock. “ What did you do to him?!” The warlock lets out a laugh. “ A soul for a soul, I will have my payment.”

“ Somebody please help him!” Noelynn cries out loud holding onto Carcajou. No longer can she ignore the pain of another pack member she gives the warlock one last glare then rushes to the side of Carcajou, looking over him inspecting the wound. She then points to Alaineoukami. “ Clear off the table now!” The huntress nods then moves to the table quickly pushing all the mugs off, they make a loud crashing sound as they hit the floor.

“ We need to get him on the table now, please help me lift him.” The pack members move in, and help lift Carcajou up on the table, as they do the warlock lets out another laugh, and he walks out the door.

“ Beast I want you to guard the entrance, but stay in the tavern do not let anyone back here, and Hitavo I want you to go follow that warlock, stay a good distance away, find out where he goes, and Noelynn I need you to grab my staff from the back where my belongings are.” Everyone moves around listening to Nymaway as she fires off commands, and the poor folks at the other table all they can do is stare in shock.

Noelynn returns holding Nymaway's staff, she carefully hands it over to her then steps back. Sephile a shadow priest steps up to Carcajou looking at the wound, he sees the black fell energy spreading through his body. “ I can try to absorb some of the energy.” he says calmly, but then Orevic steps up. “ No we don't know what it will do to you, look at what it is doing to Carcajou!” A growl leaves Nymaway's lips. “ SILENCE! This is what is going to happen, I am going to draw out the energy, but I will need some to contain it. The only ones here who can do such a thing are the priests. Sephile I will need your assistance with this.”

“ No my lady, let me do it!” Orevic moves towards Carcajou. “ Very well stand down Sephile we will let Orevic handle this.”

Sephile nods showing no emotion, he takes a step back watching the two. “Everyone else stand back, we don't know what is going to happen when we draw out this dark energy.”

A small bead of sweat forms on Nymaway's brow as she begins to concentrate, she moves her staff slowly at first in a circle over Carcajou, she begins to whisper something softly in another tongue. It sounds as though she is calling to something. A glow appears over Carcajou as the dark energy begins to leak out of the wound making its way towards her. “ Now Orevic!” She yells as she continues to call to it drawing it out. Orevic jumps up holding his paws out, his usual white aura now grows dark as he begins to absorb the black energy, but then he steps back. “ There is too much!” Sephile rushes back to the table then begins to absorb the energy as well. Nymaway continues to draw out all of the black energy until it has been absorbed by both priests.

The tavern is silent, everyone is watching the scene in shock, no one knows what to make of the display.

“Audo, and Noelynn see to Carcajou's wound, we must prepare to go to Darnassus, we need to get to a Moonwell.” Nymaway says breaking the silence, taking a step back she almost stumbles, but she uses her staff to catch her balance.

All of the pack members begin to move quickly around her preparing for the journey ahead, and the only thing that crosses her mind is hopes that her plan will work.


Outside of Darnassus on a small hill surrounded by trees rests a Moonwell, and in it resides the glowing waters, known to restore magical powers, and purify things dark in nature.

Nymaway approaches the Moonwell with her pack, she looks back at Carcajou whose color is returning to his cheeks, he nods at her slowly, then she turns to see Orevic, and Sephile, their expressions dark in nature.

Now standing before the Moonwell, the group begins to circle around the stone edges. Orevic, and Sephile walk up the small steps, and onto the side of the well, they look back at the group, and Nymaway nods to them. Both of them hold out there paws towards the waters, and now the black energy flows from them hitting the waters making a loud hiss sound. Steam rises up from the pools, but the waters remain clear as it purifies the energy.

A sigh of relief can be heard through out the pack, and the two priests step down from the well, their expressions do not appear so tainted by the dark energy now. Carcajou slowly stands making his way into the well with the help of Noelynn, the two sit in the waters talking quietly to one another.

Turning away from the Moonwell, and to her pack, Nymaway spots Greavell, and Allei making their way towards the group, she smiles then frowns wondering where Alenjandros is.

The pack members begin to tell Greavell what had happened with the warlock, and he clenches his jaw looking up at Nymaway with an intense look in his eyes. “ We can not stand for these attempts on our Alpha, or our pack any longer. The warlock is right, The Maulgrim are no more, it has been that way since Masheck suddenly disappeared.” He walks past her placing his hand on her shoulder once briefly then stands up on the edge of the Moonwell facing the pack.

“ Our Alpha, our mother of wolves, she shall know no harm, shall know no fear, this day, and all those to come, we will guard her.”
Greavell stares intently into the eyes of everyone in the pack, containing is anger, he continues, pulling out a dagger holding it up in his right hand, he then holds up his left, he places the tip of the dagger to his hand then drags it across his palm slowly.
“ By blood be bound. By oath be sworn. Until life's last breath. Until the sweet embrace of death. No harm will come to Our Lady, this I swear, this I pledge, my life to the Guard, to the Alpha.”

Blood drips to the ground from Greavell's left hand, he then lets out a howl shifting to his worgen form, he passes the dagger to Allei who then takes a spot beside him repeating the same oath, then draws her own blood from her palm.

Soon other pack members are stepping forward taking the dagger, repeating the oath, turning, and facing Nymaway.

She stares at Greavell, her eyes wild, then turns to look into the eyes of her beloved pack members. “ On this night the Alpha Guard is born.”

Howls echo through out the forests outside of Darnassus, and Alenjandros now knows he is close walking weakly in the direction of which the sound came.

To Be Continued...

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re: By Blood Be Bound.

Dang it! That is so cool! Wish I had been there.


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re: By Blood Be Bound.

Heheh I was so lucky to be the first one to take the oath.. It was great to realize why Greavell had asked for me. I cant wait to see what comes of this.

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re: By Blood Be Bound.

that was fun :D..i see me :D
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