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re: Päck Announcement.

Today our recruitment thread on the Emerald Dream forums was trolled to the point of deletion. Some one reported the whole thread itself which I assume is what caused the Gm to delete the whole thread.

This is a very sad situation, because this thread contained our first RP stories about our guild, and the people who had helped create it. Our history was in that thread.

I wanted to thank all of you who had been posting stories to that thread, and thank those of you who have been updating the thread with great things about our wonderful guild.

I assure you all that in a few days I will have a new story posted about The Päck starting a new recruitment thread all over again. I just ask for your patience, and that you have a positive outlook on this entire situation.

If trolling begins on our new recruitment thread I ask that you ignore it. Remember we are a great guild full of very creative, fun, and caring people. We bring great stories to the table, along with great battles against the horde.

We will not let the trolls that ruined this thread today ruin our morale.

Thank you for your time.

Alpha Nymaway
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