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re: Pack Announcement

Greetings fellow pack members and alliances. As some of you may know Iardeth stepped down as Alpha aka Co-Lead. I know some of you have been greatly worried by this and concerned. I also know that some of you are very angry with this.

First off I am going to address your worry. I will continue to lead this guild along with my officer team. Nothing majorly has changed. Iardeth did a lot of things behind the scenes that I am very capable of handling. Our officers have also been stepping up their game to assist me with some of these things.

If and when I decide to take on another co-leader I will make an announcement in these forums. How ever as it stands right now I do not feel the need for another co-leader especially with the wonderful team of officers that we have.

As for those of you who are very angry at Iardeth for leaving. Yes it is upsetting how ever I do ask that all of you put aside your differences and remember that he is in fact a person. Please treat him as you would like to be treated. Iardeth made a personal choice to leave the guild to explore other things in pursuit of happiness. I rather not try to force some one who is unhappy to stay.

If you are unhappy I will try my best to fix it always how ever in the end if you are still unhappy despite what has been done to fix that then obviously you have to do what is right for you. This is what Iardeth as done and I respect him for that and he is still a friend to me personally and the pack.

This guild has grown very quickly and has a great number of wonderful people. Many people respect our guild and I encourage you all to take that respect and hold it up with pride and I encourage you to give the same respect that others have given you and pass it on.

We all pay a subscription fee for this game we all play to have fun. I ask those of you who are angry before you send that totally angry nerd rage whisper or make that angry post on the forums to think about what if you were in that position. If you were the one who had to make a difficult choice would you want to be harassed for seeking happiness?

If any of you have any questions or concerns you know you can whisper me or write me an in game mail and speak to our officers about it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I encourage you all to check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Alpha Nymaway
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