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re: Winter Veil in Gilneas-Eve


T'was the Night before Winter Veil, and all through Gilneas, not a creature was stirring... except of course Praesus... I can't come up with more. Anyways the important part. Yes, tomorrow is the event we've been advertising for about a month now, and you guys may have noticed we haven't done much to prep for it. That's because we already had just about everything already taken care of from the day we planned it. So what do you guys need to do? Simple really, go out and get a not soul bound item. Anything really, of any quality, and wrap it up in wrapping paper of any color.

Where can you get wrapping paper? It's Winter Veil, they've made it easy for you. Just seek out any one of these vendors!


After that you click on the paper, then on the item you wish to have wrapped. Remember though, the quality color (I.E. grey, white, green, blue, purple, legendary orange) of the item you are wrapping does appear on the gift. You may use this to be as creative as you want. We will be gathering at 8:30 tomorrow evening at Greymane Manor, set up should be easy. One or two people will need to man the fireworks launchers. We will of course provide red and green fire works as well. 

If you guys can, gather as many Winter Veil treats, alcohol, anything festive and bring it out there with you.

White Elephant Exchange

I'm not too worried about someone abusing this exchange, but just keep an eye out for someone trading an excessive amount. The biggest thing to keep an eye on is if someone comes with an abundance of worthless gifts, and trades out all of his worthless ones to gamble and hope they get something good. Pay attention, but there's not much we can do about it if they decide to take advantage of it.

Ugly Transmog Contest

We do still need judges for this, but the prizes are set. First prize will be a Chopper, Second a Coalfist Gronnling, and third a Garn Nighthowl.


On a final note, there is a chance that I will not be able to attend. Have no fear, Laernyx has been given everything he needs to run the event if I cannot make it. Unfortunately my life is going through some rapid changes right now, all good of course, but I need to find a new place to live and I can't guarantee I'll be able to get on from the hotel.

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