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re: The Weekly Howl - Promotions and Upcoming Events



December 1, 2016

Last week I started this intending to put out the Weekly Howl every Tuesday. Of course I failed to keep that trend after a zero week streak. I became rather busy with having to travel for a job interview and what not, so I just put this on the back burner.

Updates on the Transition

I announced last week that I would be stepping down and giving the guild to Laernyx. While that still has not changed, the time frame may be longer than expected. This is simply because Laernyx will be away from this Saturday until December 13th. He and I agreed that it would be best to delay his promotion until after he returns. We are still working on a date so that the transition of power can go smoothly for both us, the guild, and the Päck's RP.

Last Week in the Päck

Twice more we have joined the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer in battles against the Horde. Twice more we have felt horde blood upon our claws. 

After being silent for so long the Alphaguard gathered once again. Sephile and Vittará better trained the old blood and whipped the new into shape. While their work is cut out for them with my squishy butt, hopefully Laernyx will provide them with an easier Alpha to protect.

The Päck Raid night on the 23rd had a low turnout likely due to Thanksgiving being the next day, but we made the most of it and knocked out Mythic 2 Blackrook Hold and Darkheart Thicket. Good job everyone who helped with that.

I would like to issue a special thank-you to Keagayla who covered for me in my last minute unexpected absence on Tuesday. Thanks to her the Puppy Paper Training was a success. We had an excellent turnout and that many more pups will be ready to fully join our ranks come tonight's promotion ceremony.

The Pups are instructed by Kiki on the ways of the Päck. Photo credit to Laernyx



Upcoming Events

While it may seem a few weeks away, remember that the Winter Veil in Gilneas celebration will be here before you know it. We will need vendors, a dwarf to play Greatfather Winter, and some helpers for Greatfather Winter. Remember to think carefully about your Ugly Holiday Transmog.

Tomorrow evening Sephile will be hosting an RP event from the Quest Callboard Shadows in Shadowfang. Be sure to join him for the next chapter of our Nightmare Worgen RP Story Arc.

As for CTAs with CBH, I would like to get to the point where we don't actually need to schedule them. They are at 8pm Server time EVERY Sunday and Tuesday. While I prefer to be on to bring everyone there, I would like to encourage people to become more comfortable with showing up. They have made it very clear that members of the Päck are always welcome to join them.


Keep up the excellent work that you have all been doing. I have been very proud to lead this guild over the last year, and I will be very sad to give it up. 



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re: The Weekly Howl - Promotions and Upcoming Events


I will try to be a type of vendor for the Winter's Veil event if you would like.

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