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re: The Weekly Howl - Major Announcements



November 22, 2016

(The Weekly Howl name came from Xeroan's suggestion of calling guild news the Daily Howler)

Last night the Officers and Sentinels gathered to discuss how to boost our guild's numbers and activity so that we are seen out and about in the world. But first I made a very important announcement to them that I will now be sharing with all of you.

The Big Announcement

I will be stepping down as Alpha within the next few weeks, and passing the guild on to Laernyx. I am not leaving the guild, I will still be around, but I need to drastically reduce my playtime. I have been considering this for some time and it struck me over the weekend that it had been six months since I had last held a job. As much as I wanted to, I could not pretend the sheer amount of time I spent on WoW didn't contribute to that issue. Upon that realization I did not feel that the guild could thrive with me at the helm if I was only able to dedicate a few hours a week to it. I want all of you to understand that I did not make this decision lightly. I have greatly enjoyed this last year leading all of you. It is simply time that I focus on the demands of my real life and put World of Warcraft on the back burner. While my girlfriend has been incredibly supportive and did not mind me staying home at all, I feel I owe it to her and myself to peel my fat butt out of this chair and re-join the working world.

Here is what you can expect. Over the next few weeks, most likely two, I will continue leading and I will be finishing up the Nightmare Worgen story arc. I will also be sending Laernyx to ICily act as an emissary to other guilds. As a gift to Laernyx I will also be doing another guild purge before I leave, so any alts that you guys have that you don't play often, if you want them to stay in the guild, make sure that they have not been offline for 3 months or more.

When this is all over, I will have one last role play event to explain Nemo's stepping down. There I will both ICily and OOCily pass the Guild Master rank on to Laernyx. After that my rank will be up to him to decide. I look forward to these next few weeks of working with you guys to wrap everything up. I also want to thank everyone, especially my officer team, whom this guild would have flopped on day one without. Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone's hard work that made this guild the well oiled machine that it is.

Now onto other news.

Community Events

During our discussions last night we felt that the secret in helping our own numbers and activity would lie in helping the community as a whole. Therefore you can expect to see several community wide events hosted by us.

Winterveil in Gilneas!

Before my time as Alpha, we once hosted the event known as the Restoration of Gilneas. We need that back! So to start off the return of the Restoration of Gilneas, we will be hosting a Winterveil Party in Greymane Manor for all Alliance to join. Everyone gather your Blizzard Stones if you have one as we're going to want to make it snow. We plan to host a holiday transmog contest with mounts for prizes, give out pets and fun items as gifts, and also we will potentially be hosting a white elephant gift exchange. We will also be setting off red and green fire works. We will not need to gather as much as we did for the anniversary, but any donated pets, gold, mounts, anything would be appreciated. In the event of massive WPVP wrecking the event, we will be moving to the gates of Darnassus.

Keep an eye on the Emerald Dream forums for a post announcing it in the next few days. I want to see this post kept on the front page all the way until the event. 

Old Battlegrounds and RP-PVP

By Old Battlegrounds I mean Tol Barad and Wintergrasp. Possibly even some outland PVP areas. The plan is to start with Tol Barad, it is reasonably close to Gilneas so we can ICily justify that as we test out the server's response to it. The plan would be to create a loose RP reason for both the Horde and Alliance to find this area relevant again and return even in the midst of a Legion invasion. For a week (maybe more?) we will try to keep Tol Barad active between the hours of 5pm-Midnight server time.

This will be a fun opportunity for the server to re-visit old content that many have never even seen be active. At some point I would like to do the same thing with Wintergrasp and also those open world PVP spots from Burning Crusade. Not Ashran though... to hell with that place.

On the RP-PVP side of things I will be reaching out to Resolve and Gor'watha Warband for some more intense RP-PVP battles now that we're back in Gilneas. These battles would probably take place outside of the peninsula because of phasing with the Horde. I intend to set up an IC supply route between Gilneas and Ironforge with CBH. Because of Legion and possibly horde activity, our supply ships cannot safely travel that route, therefore we will be forced to transport supplies by land where we can better defend them.

Other Plans

Among our discussions last night were a few other possible future plans. You can expect to see some revamping of the sub groups within the guild including making sure there is more than one leader so the groups don't vanish for months on end when real life catches up to the one person in charge. We also discussed weekly quests for the sub-groups and also making something similar to the Dreadfangs Bounty Board available to everyone. For those curious, yes most of these events will happen under Laernyx's leadership, but I will still help him set all of this up as best I can.

Keep up the great work all of you do. I am unbelievably proud of this guild

Alpha Nemo

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