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re: This Week in the Päck


This Week in the Päck

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to once again take a moment to address the guild. Every day I grow more proud of this guild. Our numbers at events are growing more solid and I have noticed most of you improving your gear and skills.


The Recent Promtions

Congratulations to everyone who received a promotion. All of you have certainly earned it. I would like to announce tho changes to the officer team for those who could not attend the ceremony.

The new officer team is:

Elder Erinde
Elder Laernyx

Beta Sephile
Beta Halger
Beta Raedolf
Beta Mmmdinnertime
Beta Friig

Regrettably Vittará has chosen to step down as Elder for now. He wishes to remain a non officer for now. He will also be offline for the rest of the month for some good ol' army training.

I have also added a new rank, the Sentinel. Sentinel's function as a recruitment officer, but are not actually officers within the guild. They have the power to interview and invite to the guild, along with the ability to see Officer Chat. The Sentinel team is:


One final change I wish to make to our ranks is the addition of an Officer Alt rank. ICily this rank would be considered an Omega unless the person would prefer a different non-officer rank. This rank would have the powers of a Sentinel, allowing them to invite people to the guild and communicate via officer chat and invite to the guild. This would prevent a problem of having IC officers that are never actually around, but also allow people who have OOCily earned the rank to perform their duties on their toons. Sentinels will be allowed to use this rank as well. There will be no limit to the number of alts that you have with this rank, and Betas will be able to promote their alts to this rank on their own.

Thank-you everyone for all of your hard work.

With Pride
Alpha Nemo

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