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re: This Week in the Päck


Hello all,

I am going to try and keep on top of updating everyone once a week to make sure we all can see what is coming up.

Puppy Paper Training - Tonight (Tuesday the 5th) @9:30pm

It has been far too long since promotions have come around, but I did not feel it too necessary to worry about during the holiday lull. I would like to get back into the ideal system of AT LEAST 2 paper trainings per month, with a promotion ceremony at the tail end/very beginning of each month.

Tonight I myself will teach the pups all they need to know about the Päck, how we function, our history, ect. I would also encourage that everyone show up if you would like a refresher on our history in preparation for the Turwinkle interview.

Pups, please remember that attendance is mandatory IF you want to ascend the ranks. You CANNOT be promoted if you have not completed a paper training. If you are unable to attend tonight's training, contact me or any of the officers. I will do a 1 on 1 with you if necessary to make sure that you're not excluded because of time constraints.


Promotion Ceremony - Wednesday the 6th @9:30pm

We have accumulated a lot of pups over that holiday month, so I we will fix that. Unless I can somehow squeeze 7 interviews in tonight and tomorrow, there will NOT be officer promotions with this. Also note that we ALWAYS notice people who log in, get their promotion, and log out immediately... ALWAYS...

EDIT: I should clarify that in order to be eligible to be promoted from Pup to Omega, you must have not only completed the Puppy Paper Training event, but also have attended AT LEAST one other guild event.


TURWINKLE INTERVIEW! - Tursday the 7th @7:00pm

Most of you are unaware, but both Madalu and I have been working to make this happen for a while now. As stated in the previous update. If you are online you are required to be there. I very rarely require attendance, we need to look as big as possible. If you are going to be late, please let me know.

Expect this interview to last three hours, but I promise it will be worth every minute. Turwinkle is a fantastic person to talk to, it will be a great time to hang out in vent. NOBODY is required to actually speak, but if you would like to, please remember this will be public on YouTube. You are going to be representing us so make us proud and show off how great you guys are.

If you are unfamiliar with Turwinkle's works check out his YouTube channel


As usually, keep up the good work folks.

Alpha Nemo


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re: This Week in the Päck


thank you Nemo for the update, I will let you know, I cannot do that late most night, as it is for me, I am mostly on at 8:00- 9:00 most nights, except Friday and Saturday. Friday and Saturday I manage sometimes to get on at 8:00 and am on mostly until 10:00 -11:00 server time. and if anyone ever need me, I am usually on my alt, a lvl 100 Hunter, also a worgen, doing things. I am in Päck chat for those who would like to talk to me. if you ever need something from me, you can PM Shattered or get me on Päck chat. as I said, thx for the update, and lets hope more people will stay after they get Promote. (dare to y'all who do that, lol) 

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