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re: A Weekly Update


Hello all,

First off I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping me settle into my new position as your Alpha. I have been working a lot behind the scenes to make some great events happen for you guys. So I will address what I have done and what I am planning.


We had our first meeting to discuss all future plans. Our goal is to reach 1800, and then 2k. We'll keep pushing after that to see how far we can get this season. If it's too late in the season or we run out of time, whelp we'll just try again at the start of the next season. The current confirmed roster is as follows:

  • Erinde, on her BM Hunter Chelina (Leader)
  • Nemo, Frost Mage (Badass)
  • Kaerlic, Fury Warrior (Target Caller)
  • Madalu, Disc Priest or Balance Druid
  • Vittara, Shadow Priest
  • Siegfried, Affliction Warlock
  • Mmmdinnertime, Restoration Druid
  • Grudgebearer, Holy Paladin (Clan Battlehammer)

This leaves two spots open, you may contact me if you are interested in a position. This list is only a list of people who will have priority if they are available at the time of the RBG. If the time comes and the members have let us know ahead of time that they cannot make it, we may reach out to the guild to replace them, so keep working on your PVP and we'll keep watching.


Silver Sickness:

The Silver Sickness RP began tonight. So far as the story goes, a gnome wandered into Pyrewood in search of a doctor who might help her with this illness she has. She is also hiding a very valuable artifact in map. Nemo struggles with his magic use as it seems to cause a pain in his leg. When the mage attempted to hold the artifact within an arcane ward, the sickness in his own leg spread, forcing him to lose his focus and to touch the artifact, rapidly spreading his sickness up the leg.

All we know so far is that the map she was carrying STRONGLY indicated that another fragment of this same artifact can be found in Stranglethorn Vale. Be prepared as this story between now and the 8th of October will lead us on a path of RP PVP against the Horde guild Resolve, a D20 event to protect the Barrow Dens in Moonglade where a certain druid MIGHT be sleeping, and an RP event that will lead to a discovery crucial to this multi-faction and multi-server RP event. I hope that you guys are as excited as I am. 

I would like to take this moment to apologize, I have pretty much blocked out next week for other events. This will not be typical, it was the Päck's week to play our central role in this story, after that we will have significantly more time.


Guild Meeting, Promotions, and Paper Training:

Before this month is completed the following will happen. We will have an officer meeting, quickly followed by a guild meeting. Everyone online will be required to attend. If I see you online and you are not there, you will not be eligible for a promotion at the next ceremony. A promotion ceremony will happen near the end of the month or possibly on the 1st of November, and before that two Paper Training events will be made, so everyone will have their chance to move up in the ranks. After this, everything should move back into a somewhat familiar groove on one promotion ceremony a month, with two paper trainings.


Thanks everyone
Alpha Nemo



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re: Silverscikness: Mercinary Contracts


Quick question regarding the SilverSickness. As one of the central guilds in the storyline, will we still be involved after the end of the week? And will we as individuals be able to sign up as mercenaries? The contracts page is up, and there are some I'm interested in. I have ideas to incorperate it into the Keepers rp as carefully as I can, but some of those contracts look good too.

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