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Tate Waru

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re: The Pack Bi-Monthly Feature Story


Greetings, scent-siblings. I come to you today to inform you of a new opportunity to expand your roleplay across the server(s)! Every other month our illustrious guild will be sponsoring a story written by one of our members to be posted upon the World of Warcraft Roleplay forum as well as the Emerald Dream forum. We want the tales of the Pack to be known far and wide, and we'll need your help to do it. As such, the only restrictions on these stories are your imagination and the Blizzard Forum Terms of Service (so no erotica, save that for Hitavo's inbox, or excessive gore, save that for Erinde's inbox). The first story will be chosen by the officers, though in the future I would like to open it up to Delta involvement, Ashyan will shirk his duties no more! 

The first Feature Story will be posted on June 1st, you have until May 29, 11:59:00 p.m. realm time to enter your stories. For the sake of fairness, we cannot accept any late entrances. The selection will be made by single-cast voting from the Betas. In the event of a tie, Elder Hitavo has agreed to lend his services in casting the deciding ballot (that's cool, right Hitavo?). All posts should be made in the RP Forum.

If there are any questions feel free to ask here, by PM, or in-game chat/mail! Happy writing, Packmates!


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re: The Pack Bi-Monthly Feature Story


sounds good to me. :)


Hi, I'm that black fox furry. Happy
Mixsherly Luka

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re: Mixsherly's Adventure full story


It was a dark and windy night as I slept in the Darnassus boat, riding home to the lands of the night elf after helping us escape from the evil clutches of the Forsaken….even saying their name makes me growl and gag in disgust. I have my reason to purely hate them, since what they did to my family. I tossed in bed, kicking the covers as my dark past decided to play with my mind.            

I saw my parents dead on the floor, murdered by Forsaken. I saw my older sister, Lavender taken from me by a huge Forsaken, bigger than the others with one eye patch. His face showed no mercy and fear clawed at my being as he raised his sword and send it down on my sister, killing her at the spot. My world collapsed, suddenly saw fur go everywhere, claws and BAM!

the doors bust open in my room and I awoken with a roar, my wolf form morphed as I snarled at the door to see a male night elf gaze at me, waiting for me to calm myself. I huffed and huffed, sweat sticked to my fur, my bed a mess as feathers fluttered in the air, the covers shredded like paper. I looked down and saw my claws and the vision of my dream still fresh in my mind. After a few moments my wolf form melted back to my human form as the male night elf nodded. "Do not worry, our spells have help you to control the wolf within you, there is no need to worry." He gave me a sympathetic look as my breath calmed to a low sigh. He nodded and turn back to the door. "Oh and we'll be arriving shortly, best get your stuff packed and don't worry about the bed, we have more left." he chuckled heartily as he shut the door behind me, leaving me in the dark, which I was glad.                         

Dawn came at last as we arrived at Darnassus, I can hear the citizens of Gilneas cheering with joy at the arrival of safety. I walked out with my bag, my gun and my pet dog name Dog. The smell hit me with the smell of trees, animals and smell of night elves ((they have this perfume smell which have no idea why.)) A wisp fluttered near my nose and decided to tickle me, causing me to sneeze as it bobbled up and down as if laughing at me and flutter away. As we got near the docks, we hit a wave causing the boat to jump a little and my stomach to summersault, nausea filled me as I turned green. As soon as the boat stopped, I jumped off quickly, ran down and vomited to the side. My sea sickness was my major weakness and my mom's words chanted in my head. "Better out than in dear."

After my small incident I walked to the portal under the tree and came upon the city of Darnassus. It was a hug city with houses made from ancient stones and of course, a lot of trees. "I can see why worgen love Darnassus, trees everywhere." I than began my way to the king who was under a certain tree, similar to the one in Gilneas.

It wasn't hard to find as I approached and saw King Graymane himself talking to two night elf, one a female, wearing a beautiful dress and another a large night elf with wings, antlers, and chicken feet. "Oh my, what a combination, what were his parents thinking." As I approached they left the room, leaving me alone with the king.

The king has been like my father when my parents died that night. He found me and raised me with Prince Liam. Thinking about the prince now dead, filled me with sadness, but pushed it aside as the King address me.

"Mixsherly, I talked to Malfurion and the Priestess and they told me they need help, but its your decision on what you want to do, you must help the alliance in return for what they did to us." I nodded. "Your Majesty, I don't know what to do next, but now that I'm here, I need to get revenge for my family. I know I can find some information in Stormwind City, but I don't know where to start or to go to help." The king nodded.

"There is a certain person I know, no a guild that can help you, they are like us Gilnean folks, who accept the worgen's power to protect the Alliance against the Horde as well as Forsaken, there you might find answers. They call themselves "The Pack"    

"But the worgen…in me…killed."    

 "I know what happen in the past, but its time to move on, find Lady Nymaway of The Pack and I'm sure she'll accept you in finding who you are looking for." The king stepped forward and place his hand on my shoulders. "Good luck, and your going to need it since your going to take a boat there."

"WHAT!!" I growled.

"I can't stands boats, I just puked my guts when I got here."

"I understand, and Malfurion understands as well and gave me this to give to you." he put a box of pills in my hand. "Take after you eat and you should be fine."

I grumbled under my breath. "You said the same thing when we went on that boat in Gilneas on Liam's birthday, worse day ever." The king laughed.

"I promise, this time you won't." After some fun talking and the king giving me some money and extra food I began my journey back to the docks to Stormwind City to find Lady Nymaway and The Pack. "Hmm Lady Nymaway, why Lady, some kind of punch line. Hmm who knows, well if they can help me guess I'll see for myself." I hesitantly looked at the boat coming forward and felt I was going to lose my breakfast again. "Oh please don't puke again."

I took my pill on the spot and jumped right on the boat, suddenly feeling wonderful as the boat took off and sailed the seas. I gazed out to the horizon and stare ahead. "Hmm maybe it won't be bad. Maybe I'll meet the Pack and maybe they will help me, hope they are as amazing as king Graymane said." I suddenly smiled, its been almost a long time I smiled since my family decreased from the world as I looked forward to my adventure.

It was about two weeks when I finally made it to Stormwind City. I hopped out of the boat, landed on the floor and panted.

"Those pills didn't work at all, ARGH, he's so going to pay that night elf king!" I tried to catch my breath, as well as not to get sick again as I got up and wearily walked some distant up some stairs to the city. I sat on a bench, summon Dog to my side as he rested his big head on my lap, and looked at me with big eyes. I pated behind his ears, having no idea where to start looking when I saw some kids racing in the streets.

"Hey guys, come on, its The Pack!!" My ears lifted and looked to see what look like hind legs disappear around the conner. I leaped up, feeling better as I raced around the conner, my heart beating in my chest as I turn the conner and stare something so amazing my mouth would have fallen on my feet. A hug line of wolf man and wolf women walked in perfect formation, following a certain worgen in the front.

"That must be Lady Nymaway, and Graymane was right! they are something." I followed behind some distant, admiring their perfect formation when I bumped into something. I groan, my head hit something hard as I turn to see a worgen standing behind. He was very tall with black fur and blue eyes. I could tell he's a hunter for he carries a bow and his pet is a spider, a fire spider that hiss at my presence.

"Hey there, sorry that I scared you haha, just notice you standing alone watching us and thought you needed something." He bashfully rubbed behind his big wolf head. If I was smart I would say "Oh its nothing, just watching." and end of story.

NO, I stare shockingly how well muscular he is as a worgen. Now I heard wolf stories that they are ugly beast with a murderous face and appetite for human flesh, he was different. He was much handsomer than that with beautiful blue eyes and fur black as midnight as he stared at me. I felt my face blushed randomly and blushed even harder when he too blushed. I stepped back, breaking the awkward moment.

"Ahh thanks for your concern, you with them." He nodded, giving me a bright smile, which didn't help with my blushing face. "Yep, my name is Alfymurr of The Pack, but others call Alf or Alfy, whats yours?" "Mi-Mixsherly, but others call me Mix or Mixy." "Mixsherly, well I'll call ya Mix if thats fine, cute name by the way."

He again smiled, which by now my face is red from nose to ear tip. "Ni-nice to meet you." He chuckled, before anything came out of his mouth a howl shook the air.

"ALF!! get over here now or I'll pull all the furr off your HIDE and you'll be a naked wolf for DAYS!!" Alfymurr groan. "I'm coming Narasha, hehe, she's a Beta, she has her rights, well take care Mix, hope to see you again." He smiled and gave me thumbs up as he ran to a angry female worgen who smack him lightly behind the head.

"Why were you flirting with a female worgen and not in position."

 "I wasn't flirting, she was just watching us and want to know us."  

"Just get in line pup!"

She than lightly flicked his ear as he ducked and ran back in line where they stood in perfect formation, waiting patiently. I looked and immediately felt certain eyes land on me that made me cringe as I looked into the eyes of a wolf, who has an air of high rank and respect. Yep I felt the very eyes of Lady Nymaway. Suddenly, she left the line and began to walk towards me. My body shook with fear. "Oh no, did I ruin the line when Alf talked to me? Is she angry, what is she going to do?"

The summer winds blew softly in Stormwind City. Some people would walk its streets and would not care for anything in the world but to be in its city's glorious moments of the day. But, on the outskirts of the city, there was a tense moment between a guild and one women who has no clue of her destiny and fears the wolf within her. Now she stood, in front of one powerful worgen, leader of The Pack, the well respected Alpha, Lady Nymaway. 

I heard stories of her and her guild on my journey to Stormwind City from the crew, sayings she's a strong and proud worgen, but has a gentle heart for her pack mates and will protect them with her lives. Now I could believe their tales, I knew I cross her territory and I must pay for my trespassing. She stares at me with no emotion, studying me, wondering what to do with me. The more she looked the more my confidence went down.

Ever since the crew told tales of The Pack, my desire to meet the Lady herself grew so strong that I felt confident to talk to her, and now it vanished. As she study me, I saw from the conner of my eye as The Pack glared at me, only Alf I saw gave me a concern look. Dog beside me growled, sensing his master's distress. This of course brought Lady Nymaway our of her studying gaze.

"Why…why do you not accept the worgen within you?" I gasped, my world went spiraling.

"Does she know my past…..just by staring at me…..what kind of worgen is she?"

Tense moments seem to past. Then the Alpha suddenly transformed into her worgen form. I stared in shook as her body grew large, her ears popped from her head, she let out a growl as her morphed has completed and I stare into the true form of Lady Nymaway, as a worgen. I stared at how beautiful she is. Her fur blew in the wind, brownish red, her paws were strong as she grasped her staff. Her body was well built as if she's been running a lot. And still continues to stare at me, as if saying.

"Now you transform into your wolf form."

I realized I wasn't the only one shocked, the Pack themselves stare in shook at her suddenly change. As she stared at me a moment longer, her eyes stare into mine, she turn and walked back to her pack mates, leaving me breathless. The pack turn back into position and single filed followed Nymaway out. Alf followed last, he looked back at me, a look of concern, but full of courage as if he's telling me to be strong and disappear behind the wall. 

I stare at where they were last stood, my confidence vanish. I was alone, wishing at least Alf could stay and chat with me more. But I didn't want the Pack as my enemy as I turn, hiding my embarrassed face and walked away.

Two years has passed since that incident in Stormwind with The Pack. I was now much stronger, wiser and cleverer from my training as a hunter. My deeds with the alliance went wide spread and a lot of guilds have asked me to join their guild, but I turn them down, just wanting to be a lone wolf. They asked me why, and "Its not good to be alone." But I like being alone. The past still bothers me, fear that if I get too close with someone I'll hurt them.

I traveled Pandaria lands, and just finished a quest as I settled under a tree in the Jade forest. One of my pets I been training, a Hyena name Ed sniff the ground and scratch behind his head and at random moments chanted "Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed" thats how I name him Ed. I pulled out my deer stew leftover, warmed it by the fire and began to munch down. Ed glared at me and whine, wanting some. I laughed and threw some meat on the ground as he gobbled them up with a "Ed, Ed, Ed." As I sat under the tree, admiring the birds and the wildlife that passed, I became more tune with the wild, my sense stronger than ever. I than fell into a light sleep, seeing my father's smiling face, back in Gilneas woods as we brought home some stag for my mom's famous deer stew.

 "Mix, its true we hunt the animals and kill them, but its always good to respect the animals we kill and thank them for their supplement for energy, for that, admire the wilderness and the animals too will respect you." I sigh with pleasure and felt a tear drop from my face. "I miss you dad." 

Suddenly I hear a rustle from above me. Ed growled, and sniff around chanting "Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed." I grabbed my bow calmly and slowly, scanning the forest for the intruder. A threatening growl escaped my throat. As I gazed around, I notice the rustling was different, It was not a threat, but more of trying to hide. My ears scan the forest. I than felt a leaf land on my nose and stare at it inquisitively. My eyes moved upward and I saw a branch above me shook.

"If thats a monkey up there, I know a best recipe for Monkey burgers"

Suddenly something huge fell from the tree with a scream, it was not a monkey as I saw it looked like a wolf that came to me with a blur. I scream as I realized it was coming straight to me. I saw a flash of black fur and blue eyes and BAM!! hit me and send me tumbling down the hill, the attacker still on me. We rolled down the hill, gaining speed, sending irritated birds in the air as we landed in a pile of leaves. Ed of course stayed up on the hill, scratches for more fleas and chanted "Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed."

I groan, feeling a strong weight on me and growled. "That stupid Ed, he's so not getting any mea-" I stopped in mid sentence to look up my attacker and my face blushed red. His body still on top of me as he groan and staged on his four legs as he rubbed his head. "Ouch, what a fall." he stopped and looked down at me. His body still on me as I looked into the all familiar blue eyes of Alfymurr. His strong wolf hands were near my head and his legs rested on mine, our faces near each other. It seem to pass by an eternity when I snap back to reality, roared and pushed Alf off me and scooted faster than a blink of an eye. I panted hard, my face so red I almost blended in the rose bush. 

"Wha-what what ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! ARE YOU STALKING ME!!" Alfymurr shook his face, his face was blushed red as he tried to talk.

"No, I wash't stalking you, I was following a forsaken rogue that was stalking you so I followed it to keep it away from you, you were asleep and.."

"YOU SAW ME ASLEEP, how long were you there!!"

"Uh….I don't know, when you made your lunch, it smelled so good my stomach growled and heard you moaning in your sleep, crying and I felt bad….and I leaned forward too much and slipped." I stopped, realizing if Alf wasn't there, I'd be a dead girl. I grumbled.

"Thank you….well if you would told me you were there and not fall on me in that position earlier…things would not get awkward." He stood up slowly and reached a paw to me. "Here, I'll help you up." I realized Alf has changed since I last saw him. He was much more muscular, his black fur seem to lighten from the sun, His ears, long and furry as they twitched in the wind. His armor, different than last time gleamed in the sun. His eyes searched mine as I hesitantly grabbed his paw and he hoisted me up.

We went back up the hill, Alf stayed behind me in case if I fell as I walked to the tree and began to pack my staff, Ed snoozed under the tree, stretched at my appearance and yawned a huge yawn. "You are a sorry excuse for a guard Hyena."

I mumbled as Alf chuckled. I heard a stomach growl and turn to see Alf have a grimace on his face as he moan. "So hungry…" I laughed and pulled out some sandwiches and tossed two to Alf. He thanked me and sat on the ground, wolfing down the sandwiches in one gulp. "Hey, don't eat too fast or you'll choke." Alf chuckled while smiling at me. "These are excellent, what are they?" "Ahh your regular ham sandwich." Alf nodded and munched some more.

I sat and waited as Alf finished and licked his claws. "Thanks SO much!! didn't eat much yesterday." He smiled and looked at the horizon as the sun began to set. He than stood up and stretched his muscular arms and sigh. I moan silently and thought to myself.

"Dang why does he have to be so good looking in worgen form."

"Hey Mix."


I looked to see Alf give me a look, a 'look that could make a girl fall off their feet.'

"You should come to the Pack event tonight, we plan to have some friends gather as well with fun and feast and great time." I stare at the ground, not looking at Alf's face. He stop, realizing he crossed the line.

"I'm sorry, but Nymaway wasn't being mean to you that day, in fact afterwards I heard she felt bad about what happen and went badk to the spot to find you, but you left, and again felt awful afterwards. She really wants you to come tonight to meet you."

I looked backed at Alf. "I don't want to bother anyone….I don't want to cause pain… to anyone…. or me." Ed came to me and rubbed himself against my shoulders and whined. Alf sighs and sat in front of me and grabbed my hands in his.

"Look you'll never hurt me, okay and Nymaway really wants to meet you, she says she heard of your deeds and is amazed, even The Pack does. Look what happen two years ago, I don't know what happen, but I'm sure Lady Nymaway has her reasons, and." He tighten his hands on mine. "I'm glad I got to meet you." I blush. "Look I.."

"Please come Mix, just talk to Nymaway and you can leave afterwards if you want. Just come for a bit." I looked and realized Alf was doing the begging eyes at me wish I groan inwardly and mumbled to myself. "Dang, even his eyes are cute."

"Alright, just to chat to Nymaway, and thats it." Alf jumped in the air and did a whopped." HAHA, and Shevveron said he didn't believed me that I bring you." He laughed victoriously. "He better be ready to pay me that 2k gold hahaha." 

"Why am I being betted in this…"

I followed Alfymurr as we flew our drakes to Gilneas City. Just seeing my home, empty and quiet, tears stream from my cheeks as I said a silent tribute to my beautiful, and proud city as we passed over and head to the woods. I realized with a shock we were heading to the wolf tree, where the invasion started, where King Graymane accepted the worgen as friends in the fight against the Forsaken. We landed some feet away and walked quietly down the hill to the old ancient tree. 

As I followed Alf down, we began to see worgen coming out from the woods and dart inside the tree, one by one. Two worgen guards stood proudly at the entrance, nodding to the worgen that passed. I felt tense and nervous as Alf lead me down, they raised their staff at my presence, but Alf calmly nodded and they lowered their staff, but silently glared at me as I walked inside the tree. I was shocked and amazed how many worgen they are in the room. All kinds of worgen, shape and sizes, color and rank as they sniff around, laughed and barked across the tree to welcome friends.

Alf stood over me from behind and waved at some group of worgen in front of me. One of the a male worgen warrior with a deadly looking sword approach us. I heard him groan inward and felt Alf behind me crackled with laughter. "See, told you I bring her Shevv."

I looked to see that Shevveron is a warrior with hard mail, deadly sword and crazed eyes as if he's still in fighting mood.

"ARGH, come on, I need this gold for another sword to go with it."

"Give me the gold dude, a promise is a promise."

"I'll give it to you after this okay." he mumbled while Alf chuckled with laughter."  

"Hmm whats going on here, some kind of bet." "I looked to see a female worgen approach. She was very friendly looking, with beautiful blue eyes as she stare at both Alfy and Shevveron and looked towards me. "And who is this?" "Oh Noelyn, this is Mixsherly, or Mix for short."

"Oh Mix hmm, I heard of your deeds of killing the commander of a horde guild, nicely done." She smiled and cackled. "Bet he didn't see that coming with an arrow to his throat hahahah."

I laughed, and nodded in agreement. "Indeed, send the rest of his army on the run and they never bother this particularly guild that day, although, I don't know what happen to them."

"Well its nice to meet you Mix, I'm Noelyn, one of The Pack's betas, need anything please ask." I smiled and shook her warm, strong hand.

"Nice to meet you too." Suddenly a howl shook the air and all became quiet as two worgen enter the tree, followed by a proud, respectful female worgen.

Everyone than salute in respect as they took their position in the front. Noelyn whispered in my ear. "They are Tatyanna and Hitavo, they are the elders of the guild, and thats in the center." "Lady Nymaway."I finished it off. She nodded with approval and gave me a comfort pat and walked off to join a group of worgen near Lady Nymaway. Nymaway, as beautiful and elegant as ever stare into the wolves's eyes. "Welcome all, so glad to see you all tonight here." She stop and her eyes rested on mine. Just like two years ago, felt the room tense as everyone looked at me and whispered.

"Hey is this Mixsherly?"

"Yeah killed that horde general?"

"Heard a lot of guilds want her to join, but denied them, thats shocking." I gasped, like a fish out of water. I than felt strong hands clasped my shoulders and felt Alf's presence near me, making me calm as Lady Nymaway address everyone again.

"As you guys know, yes Mixsherly is here, she has down some grand deeds for the Alliance." She looked at me and smiled, her first smile at me, made me feel a little better. She than strangely lifted her hand and called me over. I stare in shock, but Alf nudge me slightly and I walked forward a bit. Nymaway smiled and nodded sadly.

"I'm sorry, two years ago, I treated you poorly at Stormwind, its just seeing you there that day, standing there with no hesitant, and yet for a Gilnean women you smell less like a wolf. Have you ever summon the worgen form to help and guide you?"

I gulped, my pulse beat faster and faster in me. Suddenly heard a voice enter my head, it was Nymawya. "Relax, everyone can smell your fear scent." I than breathed calmly and felt my nerves calmed and shook my head. "I….never summon the worgen.." The room went dead silent. "I don't want to summon the wolf form..because….I'm afraid to hurt others….and myself."

I saw Noelyn nodded sadly in the background, felt the room with less tense and felt as if everyone was mourning, understanding my position. I than suddenly felt arms on my shoulders as Lady Nymaway looked at me with understanding. "We all have pain in our past and we also fear our wolf form, but thanks to the night elves, we can suppress our powers and and change forms whenever we want." She step back and nodded.

"You need to summon the form, somedays there will be enemies that will come your way and you must summon the wolf, it can help you be faster, stronger and more aware of your senses. I'll help you summon, no we all will help you Mix. Do not hide your past anymore. I know that king Graymane sent you, I got his letter three days before your boat arrived and told me everything about your past, and who you are. You don't have to worry anymore."

For as long as I can remember, I stayed cleared from others, thinking if they discover my past…they'll hate me. But now hearing from Lady Nymaway's voice, the wolf I looked up too. yes even though at Stromwind I was sad and disappointed, but the feeling of knowing Lady Nymaway more, to hear her voice, to follow, has grown stronger and has made me a stronger worgen. I than felt at that moment I can do anything, even summon the wolf.

At that moment I felt my hand shift and felt my body grow and morphed into a new form. The room barked with shock and amazement as my morphed complete. I turned around and saw all the worgen have their mouth dropped open with a gawk look. Alf looked at me with a amazed look, blushing and whispered silently. "Your beautiful."

I looked to my right and below is a pool of water and I stare in shock of what I saw. A beautiful worgen started back at me with golden eyes with silver fur and a brown mane. My arms were elegant and long, my legs shifted, feeling my claws dig into the ground.  I realize this couldn't be the killer wolf that killed those Forsaken that night, but a beautiful creature, my true form.

Lady Nymaway nodded, a smile filled her face. "This is your form, you emotions can affect your form, so always remain calm when changing into your form."I nodded, and thought myself back to human form and I shifted back to human, my hands went smaller and my body shrunk. I smiled and bowed. "Thank you very much."

The room than went into a roar as everyone clapped and cheer at me. I stare in shock and felt tears of happiness fell from my face. Everyone jumped, howled and clap paws with others. The betas joined in with the pack and all ranks became one. Suddenly, felt strong paws grabbed mine as I was pulled into the crowd of fur and claws as I was lifted in the air, above a sea of wolves. "Congratulations Mix on your new form, YAH!!" 

"Finally, I found….what happiness is….I can now be in peace." 

Suddenly everyone quieted down as a group of worgen came rushing in, blood dripped from their wounds as they collapsed on the floor. Everyone gasp and a couple of priest and druids rushed forward and began nursing their wounds. Nymaway came rushing forward, her face twisted with fear.

"What happen, where are the others I sent on patrol with you?" One of the worgen limped forward with a gash on his side, flowing blood, his whole body was covered in scars and gashes, nearing death as he lay on the floor. "We were at Gilnean city….when….Argh…Forsaken scum came and attack us……we were ambushed….urgh one who lead…..them….huge forsaken….he had…eye patch...…didn't…stood…chance……help." He collapsed on the floor and heaved one final breath and died. The room went silent as everyone howled sadly in respect to the dead worgen. I felt my heart retched and felt anger boiled in me. Forsaken will pay for this! I looked to Nymaway and saw pain, sadness and furry passed by her face as she stood up and address the crowd. "We will not let him die in vain….we will drive the forsaken out!" Everyone growled in responses and howled the battle call as everyone got their weapons and armor. I pushed through the crowd to Nymaway's side.

"Please, let me fight!"

"No Mix, this isn't your fight.

"It is my fight! You guys helped me gain my worgen form, know now what true family and friendship is and want to pay back that kindness. Please let me help! Besides he said that is leading them is a huge forsaken with eye patch, I know that forsaken……he murder my parents and my sister!" Nymaway looked at me as I stare back with seriousness in my eyes. She nodded. "Alright, go with Noelyn's group and listen to her orders." I nodded and raced off and found Noelyn with Alfymurr, Shevveron and two more worgen as they awaited Noelyn orders. "Lets go guys!"

I charged out, I felt the Pack around me, their sadness, their anger, their desire to get revenge for the dead as well as take their city, it overwhelm me. I than felt the wolf within me came as I ran faster than in human form as we ran to the city, the battle has begin!!

Clouds begin to form in the city of Gilneas, the air tense as it awaited for the storm to break. Crows and ravens perched on the rooftops of the city, waiting for their meal. They represent death, and they knew death will befall this city. On the march entering the city, an army of Forsaken came with their weapons and armor and supplies. Their rotten scent filled the air, even plants seem to wither as they pass. They begin to set their tents up and marched the city, patrolling for intruders…worgen. 

A trumpet than suddenly fills the air as the forsaken single filed salute as a huge forsaken came marching in. He wore his uniform, blue with the crescent of the forsaken, his arms and legs seem to molt their ugly decaying skin as his white bone showed through pure white, reflecting the moonlight. His face is pure evil and full of malice, he wore a black eye patch, his other eye is black as the darkest of night. He snarl and stare at his men as they back a little in fear.

They know that if the general is in a bad mood, they better stay away or else their heads will be stab on his spikes. The general snarl at his army to dismiss and enter into his tent. He sat on the floor and gazed outside his tent to look into the forest.

"Hahah, where are you now, wolf scums, hiding in fear in the woods, waiting for us to leave, ah no no." He cackled, his bone teeth chattered. "I have someone to met, its been far to long since I last seen her." He went into his bag and pull out an item that look like a talisman. It had the face of a worgen with red ruby eyes that gleamed evilly at the forsaken general. Runes of ancient words surround the edge, he snarled in disgust wondering why he can't read the words or find interpretations. He wrapped his bony hands around the talisman and closed his eyes, his mind taking him to the past.

He saw himself, seventeen years ago. He was at Gilneas city with his army as they swarm a small house. They were about to kill the famous hunter and his family, ending their decedent line. "Go and kill them all, leave none alive." He cackled evilly as his men went in.

He could hear the cries of fear and pain as his men slaughtered the man and women. He than stare in shock as his men came out with two children. "I never knew he had children?" One of them must be the oldest with black hair and stares in fear at the forsaken and tries to break free and scream with her might as tears stream down her face. The other one the youngest with brownish-red hair and brown eyes stare defiantly at his troops.

The general snarl and felt fear grew inside. She only stared at him with no fear no hesitation and what caused him to shake a little was that she was growling, almost the sound of a wolf.  He turned to the forsaken closest to him. "Bring the eldest one to me." The forsaken nodded and signal at the group who has the black hair girl and brought her over. The red hair looked in fear and tried to break free.

"NO, LAVENDER, let her go!"

"MIX, get out of here!!"

The general snarl. "So thats the name of that girl." The forsaken drop the girl at his feet as he raised his sword and in a flash send it down, cutting into her. Just as the sword cut through her. He heard his man scream in fear and heard a feral snarl followed by the sound of claws raking through bodies.

He turned and stare in horror at where the little girl should have been and to take her place is a worgen with eyes full of hatred and tears as she roared and charged at him.

He gasped and stare at the talisman, clenched it and snarl. "This time she wont beat me, this time she won't make me go on the run. I'll end this decedent once and for all!"

 Outside the skirts of the city, deep within the woods, The Pack awaited silently, waiting for The Alpha's signal. A few worgen she send to scout the area to see how many they are, been an hour now and still no sign of them. I crouch silently and waited as Noelyn talked to two worgen name Vittara and Erinde as they whispered silently, their ears twitching in the air.

I felt the presence of Alfymurr behind me, he stood so close his body slightly touches my back. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, his breath made my ears twitch.

"We'll be waiting for sometime, guess we can chill for a bit." I nodded as I followed Alf to the back up the hill, we sat in silent as we stare at the city. I stare ahead, nervous and fear raked my body. I knew deep inside the general forsaken that killed my parents and sister is in there. I always prepare for this moment and to be calm, but only fear controlled me at that moment, making me unable think a plan.

I than felt a strong, reassuring paw rest on my hand as Alf look at me with big beautiful blue eyes. "Don't worry Mix, we'll win this battle and find that forsaken I promise." I nodded and tighten his paw. I could not bring a word out of me as fear caught my words. He seem to understand and than leaned against me.

I felt my face blushed a little as he lifted my paw and started to play with it. Realizing what the situation we were in he let go and scooted away for me, blushing red. "Ahhh I got to see when we attack, what group we are." He stood up fast and walked fast down the hill, I stare in shock. "Did I do something wrong?"

Not too long and Vittara called me down as Noelyn address us plans for the attack. "Alright, there is a small army down there, but more could be waiting for us. We are going to be group two, group one is Nymeria, us, third group is Lady Nymaway and last is Siegfriend." We nodded with agremment, a tense moment seem to stuff the air as suddenly a worgen approached us.

I stare and felt my fur rises as I looked at Narasha. She looked at us with a friendly smile, but her eyes told us thats not true, inside make this worgen mad and something far worse will be released from her. She leaned down and whispered something in Noelyn's ears that caused her to grow, but nodded in understanding as Narasha vanished. She address us. "Turns out we need a distractions to get in, Narahsa volunteer herself." The group went dead silent, but Erinde snickered. "This is going to be something, heheh wonder what she's going to do." 

I looked over the bushes to see Narasha calm as ever walked down with total confident and brimming with an aura that caused me to shrunk a little with fear. I wasn't the only one as Noelyn's eyes and ears twitched. "This is going to get nasty."

As Narahsha walked, to a group of Forsaken, they turn in shock at her approached, but were not prepare for whats to come. I expect her to use her powers and blast them at the spot but instead, something else happen. ((you know that saying their bark is worse than their bite, this is what I mean))

"Phew! Dear, dear, don't you undead every take baths, oh I forgot, if you take baths, your skin would break apart HAHAH!!" This took sometime for the forsaken to get themselves as Narahsa cackled some more jokes. "Get that worgen! SHOW this worgen what we made of."

"Made of what, all I see is rotten flesh and bone, and stench that even makes goblins want a fresh hygiene."

This of course made them steam with anger as they raid their pike and slab at Narasha, but she doge with elegant grace. "This ones a slipper sir, can't catch her."

"Thats because you are only bone and no flexibility, HAHAH!" As she jumped back and forth, they steam with more anger and cuss foul words. "Temper, Temper! Tut Tut! If your mother could see you now, she be SO disappointed, she wonder why she even married a rude, barbarian, dead man!"

The distraction was working as they followed her down the hill and vanished, hearing some more jokes from Narasha and foul words form the forsaken. The woods shook with laughter and the tense moment see to relax. I watch, trying to catch my breath from laughing too much as Nymeria's group went down, about twenty worgen each as they sneaked onto a group of forsaken and ambushed them on the spot. But one of the escaped and call the alarm.


Nymeria howled the signal and her group ran forward and attacked the forsaken at the spot. Just as the clang of swords, the swoosh of spells flying to the sound of arrows flying in the air. The storm erupted and rain pour from the sky. Worgen growled and pushed the forsaken back, farther into the city. Nymeria send another howl and I looked to Noelyn as she nodded to her group and together they all ran down they hill, shouting their howl.

"FOR THE PACK!! ArrroooooOOOOrrrr!"

I summon Ed to my side and set an arrow to my bow and fired some arrows at some forsaken who approached behind some worgen. I shot three of them dead but one notice me and began to set his bow. Before he could shoot, a arrow went through his head and he collapsed on the floor, dead. I looked to see Alf nodded at me with a smile. I nodded my thanks and followed Noelyn as she healed her friends with a wild determination on her face. I scan the army and shot more arrows, bring more down faster than them knowing my presence. 

As I ran behind Alf, I heard a howl of pain and looked and gasped to see a female worgen death knight fight three forsaken as once, one was behind her and about to stab her when I command Ed to attack the forsaken. Like a flash he was behind the forsaken and sank his fangs into his neck. The forsaken howled in pain and was forced down as Ed savagely ripped his head off and stare with a craze look at the other forsaken as they let go of the worgen and fled back into their army. She looked at me with pure shock and nodded thanks with a shaky breath and jumped to help another worgen. 

Nymerai howled again as I knew Lady Nymaway's group is next. Sudden instinct told me to head back to where Nymaway is but Noelyn must of read my mind and shook her head. "Stay with us Mix, she'll be fine." I nodded, but felt an overwhelming feeling to head back to the center square. Suddenly pain shot through my head and I collapsed on the floor. I heard Alf's voice call to me, but barely as my mind took me to my past. 

I saw my parents dead and my sister Lavender. I saw the general forsaken stand over their bodies with triumph in his eyes. Suddenly a worgen appeared into my mind, but something about this worgen seems different. He didn't look like a normal worgen you see in The Pack. But more feral like with savage teeth and longer claws. His fur white and face a dark color with pure murderer, but his eyes twinkle with knowledge as he point his long claw ahead of me. I looked to see the battle and stare in fear at whats happening at the district. I saw Lady Nymaway and her group overrun by forsaken and among them a growl escaped my throat. I was the general forsaken and he stare at his army laughing with pleasure.

The vision along with the worgen vanished as Alf had me in his arms, worrisome vanished with relief as his paw rested on my check. "Are you okay!" I nodded and groan as I steadily got up. "I need to get to the district square, Lady Nymaway will be in trouble." Alf looked at me confused, but nodded.

"I'll come with you." Noelyn ran to me and Alf. "We are needed at district square, Lady Nymaway's group is in danger." I gasp and than like a flash I ran ahead. hearing Noelyn and Alf call me, but my body would't listen as I raced hard and fast, knocking forsaken like a train on tracks, anything in my path gets trampled. 

I bolted and made it to district square to stare in horror. Most of the Forsaken army awaited there as they pour all over the worgen with snarls and whines of pain to the clang of swords, woosh of spells and zaps of arrows flying in midair.

I saw the dead littered on the floor, Lady Nymaway concentrating on healing her pack mates with anger, fear and sadness at the dead. Just than at the conner of my eye, I saw as a forsaken notched an arrow to his bow and pointed at Nymaway's back. I stare in horror and howled a warning to her, but she didn't hear me. I leaped in the air and ran to her as I heard the arrow leave its bow and zip to Nymaway. I made it to her in time, and pushed her away. But felt pain shot from my shoulders as the arrow hit my shoulders.

Nymaway growled at my actions but gasped. "Mix!!" I groan in pain and ripped the arrow from my shoulders and felt it going numb. "Its okay, its nothing bad…Lady…" I groan and collapsed on the ground. Darkness began to cover my eyes and the only thing I saw is The Pack swarmed and last covered by the forsaken army.

I groan in pain, my shoulders throb from the arrow that pierced my shoulder. My head vibrated with a pulsing pain as I painfully open my eyes and felt my heart stop. I was at district square, seeing dead bodies of worgen and forsaken littered the ground, but what caught my attention were the survivors that were tied to post. 

Most were still unconscious as their head lay lose on their chest, moaning a bit. Most were awake scanning around in fear as some forsaken would approach and snarl or spit on them. I growled in anger and tried to shake the chains, but whined in pain as I looked at my right shoulder to see an ugly scar. Dried blood caked my skin and intense pain flood from my shoulders to all over my body making me nausea.

I looked to see Alf, across from me and I gasp. He seems to be dead as he lay there still, blood dripped from his head, and didn't respond when a forsaken kicked him and snicker off. I felt tears fall as I tried to not catch attention as I called out to him.

"Alf, wake up!! Please!" When he didn't respond my head dropped as tears fell down my cheeks. "No, I lost my family, my sister, now Alf." I cried softly, but then heard a faint call back. "Mix, shhh, I'm alright." I gasp and felt tears of relief flow down." "Alf, are you okay!" I looked up to see Alf's blue eyes lighten a bit and a faint smile appeared on his face. "Sorry I worried you, pretend to die so if they dispose me, I could come back and free you guys….I'm sorry Mix, don't cry."

He turned away blushing. "If you died, I'd never forgive myself…..I don't want to lose you." I smile at his kind words. If I could reach him I would rest my paw on his and feel his fur rub mine in comfort. "We'll get out of this alive I promise you." Suddenly I heard Lady Nymaway roar in rage and grief  of her lost pack mates as she manage to get some release from her chain and attacked the closet forsaken who wasn't prepare as her jaws dig into his throat.

A group of Forsaken came and pull her off while beating her to submission. The Pack howled in anger and tried to rip free of their chains to protect their Alpha, but watch in sadness as she was sent to the ground and watch as the forsaken left, cackling. I growled in anger, wanting to rip at their throats for hurting the Alpha. 

Suddenly an evil laugh shook the air as everyone became quiet as a large forsaken came marching in. I felt both fear, and pure anger at the forsaken I remember in the past, the past in which he murder more than 30 people in one day, and my family was one of them. I felt a growl escape my throat, as he stopped and stare the Pack with a victory glint in his dark, murderous eyes.

"Who is that guy?" said Alf faintly. "Thats the forsaken that killed my family, if I remember the info I got about him, he is the most trusted assassin for Lady Sylvanas. The general of her army, Naraku Zanda." 

Naraku, the forsaken general suddenly laughed a blood-chilling laugh. "Look what we have here, The Pach eh, said to be the ultimate force of reckoning. Killed horde and forsaken alike and heroes to the Alliance. But look at you now, DOGS! chain to a post like all dogs should. Heheheh." Everyone snarled, barked, and howled in outrage as they tried to break free, but unable as the forsaken laugh at their futile. 

I stare as he marched around, scanning the worgen as he approached Lady Nymaway, who laid on the ground with cuts and bruises. I whined in sadness as the beautiful Alpha I respected lay there, under the evil eyes of the forsaken I swore to kill. I saw as he lifted his foot and stomp on her, bringing her down. The Pack went into a frenzy,



"NARAKU, GET your foot off her, YOU DEAL WITH ME!!"

Everyone became quiet as Naraku looked towards me. a evil smile appeared on his face. "Ahh Mixsherly, I almost forgot you." He lifted his foot off the Alpha as he suddenly appeared at my side and squeeze my shoulders. I howled in pain as he dug his claw into my wound, reopening it as blood flowed out.

"MIX!! LET her go, I"LL KILL YOU!"

Alf went berserk as he tried to rip the chains as Naraku kept his claw in my shoulder wound as he stare at me. His breath caused me to gasp at his smelly breath. "Hahaha, how is it like now, 17 years ago I found you as a little girl, helpless, but you beat my army up, made me run and lose my reputation with Lady Sylvanas. But now the table is turn." He dig in harder and I snarl and whined in more pain, tears stream down my cheek. I heard the pack snarled in anger.  "And now I can end your decedent, and end my curse." I stare at him in confusion. "Curse? and whats with my decedent." 

Naraku chuckled as he command some of his forsaken to bring me to him. I felt the smelly scent of rotten skin and bone as they held me down and released me from the post chains as I was kicked to the ground and dragged to where Naraku is. I heard Alf's protest as he tried to reach to me as they pull me away from him.

"MIX, don't hurt her, bring her back!! MIX!"

I stare at Alf's eyes as they stare back with worrisome and anger. The Pack leaped up and pull at their chains as they tried to help me as well, but the forsaken overwhelmed them and forced them to the ground. Lady Nymaway stared at me with worrisome eyes and sadness, unable to save me from whats yet to come. I was thrown to the ground at the feet of Naraku as his back was turn to me.

"Tell me Mix, has your father told you about your decedent. How they are related to the early worgen." I stare in confusion and anger. "No, and I will get their revenge!" I leaped forward, but than was pushed down and felt forsaken's pointy feet kicked me, causing me to cough some blood. "Hmm, pity well guess I'll tell you some history before I kill you." He laughed and turn towards me. His black eye with no light stares with a murderous glints as he stroll around me. 

"Do you know how the first worgen came to be? Some say that they come from other lands, lands that are never explored, lands that are forbidden to go. A certain mage somehow manage to summon them and raised these worgen in his castle.

When he passed away, they without a master have no idea what to do. One them was the smartest and said "To leave and head to Silverpine Forest, we'll be safe there." Little did they know, it belonged to the forsaken. The worgen called him "The Wolf King" as they escaped on boats to go to the eastern kingdom. No one knew of their existent except for one young women who met the wolf king down there and they fell in love.

They escape out of the boat, but the worgen king doesn't want to leave the women, so after he lead his pack into the safety of the woods, he left his pack multiple of times to visit his love. Sometimes he was gone for days and the pack wonder where he go. Than one of the pack saw him with a women and see her pregnant with a child.

The worgen told the pack and they were outrage by his betrayer. In their law, never fall in love with a human or mate with one.

Naraku looked at my confused face. "How I knew this hehe, my great, great, great, great grandfather Tridenkiller knew of the wolves that moved in and order an attack on them. The pack banished the wolf king from ever returning, and is cursed with a rage that is uncontrollable, he will kill foe or friend.

The worgen though met their fate as Tridenkiller's forces came and drove them out of the forest. The wolf king found him and he too put a curse on him for banishing his former pack mates. The curse is also of the rage, but worse…it killed the forsaken with the rage, for if you used it too much, it killed you instantly."

He than grabbed my face painfully and threw me to the side. "What was bad that the women gave birth to a boy, a boy that would grew up to be the first wolf man, and he passed the generations curse down from his children to his children's children, to now……to you Mixsherly."

I stare in shock. "What? are you saying….I'm related to the……the traitor wolf king. THATS A LIE and thats TALES!" Naraku laughed. "Oh yes you are his decedent, your the last one in my way, once I kill you my curse will be lifted and never again will I fear for my life HAHAHA!" Than it hit me hard. I knew my rage is strong, sine seventeen years ago I mange to get my worgen form with rage enough to kill the army and survived. It makes since that I saw my dad look at old, dusty books and hide them when I come into his room. 

I than wish my life could end. "I'm related to the wolf king, the betrayer." Naraku snarled and grabbed my wounded shoulder and hoisted my up, his hand grabbed my throat, but I felt as if I could not control my body, not even felt the blade on my throat as I felt my body go numb. I faintly heard my pack mates go raging as Naraku lifted his sword to my throat. "Now than, its time to die, little wolf."

Suddenly something happen as a force from within me pushed Naraku back with a snarl and shock "What?" I feel to the ground and lay as I went into darkness. I felt darkness around me as I stare around. "Where am I? Am I dead?" Than out of nowhere a worgen approached me, the same worgen that warned me of the attack at district square. He slowly approached, his eyes stare into mine with sadness and wisdom. "Little wolf, decedent of mine, why do you hesitate?" "Your the worgen king."

I stood up in anger. "You betrayed your own kind!! you caused pain to your family and my family, me the most as I lived with the rage that is uncontrollable, WHY!" The wolf king looked at me sadly. "I never knew the curse would affect my children, even Keisha, the women I feel in love died giving birth to my son." He looked at me with love and I felt his claw touch my face.

"You remind me so much of her, brown-red hair, eyes that stare at me with no fear when we first met. Seeing her angry and defensive when we met on the boat I feel for her." He lowered his hand and gazed away from me. "I must tell you something about the curse though, it is also a prophecy.

"Both enemies have same destiny of same curse. When two last decedent collide only one shall live and the other die. Ending the blood rage forever."

After saying the words he slowly starts to fade. "Only you my last decedent, my great, great, great, great granddaughter can end it forever, finish Naraku and protect your pack, never forsake them, never betray them like I have."

"But how you betray them? you just fell in love?"

"I fell in love with a human, its go against to laws of the worgen, doing so shows betrayal to your pack. And in doing so a cruse falls on the betrayer. Go now, go back and defend your family, friends and love ones." 

I open my eyes to see that I'm back in Gilneas, but with a different atmosphere. I heard the shock barks of the Pack and snarls of anger from Naraku. I stood up slowly and faced Naraku who backed a bit in fear. I didn't have to look at myself, knowing I was in the rage form, the form on the night when my family died, and I knew I was a terrible sight.

My paws got bigger, my claws extended and sharpen enough to cut through rocks.  My arms stronger than ever and felt my shoulders began to heal. My feet thicken in size thanks to my muscles and my legs tighten, feeling my muscles ache from growing too fast. My fangs grew larger and sharpen. 

I felt the wolf king himself, within me, giving me strength to fight through the rage and use it only to protect the Pack and those that I lost and love. I snarl at Naraku and realized my snarl was deeper and more with loathe as I spoke.

"Naraku Zanda, great, great, great, great grandson of Tridenkiller. Destiny has finally caught up where the last decedents of the cursed collide, only one shall live and I will live, ending your dark reign." Naraku snarled, he also summon his rage form with is bigger, the same form as mine.


I ran first, knocking the wind out of him into the air, as time seem to slow down, as he gradually fell, I zipped past the guards and cut through the chains of all my pack mates, freeing them and than zipping back to where Naraku fell and I gave him a punch, sending him tumbling and slamming on the wall.

The Pack went roaring with renew hope and started to savagely ripped the shocked forsaken army into pieces. Naraku, seeing his while army swarmed by worgen began to rise and flee, but I caught him and there him away from the exit. "NO! you will not flee, this time fate will decide, I will get my family revenge and end this CURSE!!"

Naraku grabbed his sword and slashed at me, but I dodge and slashed my claws at him, striking at his chest sending him tumbling. He growled and surprised me by doing a stealth attack and slash at my back. I growled in pain, turned and block his attacks. He than leaped high away and suddenly pulled out a talisman, a very familiar talisman I know of. "Thats my father's talisman!!" I leaped towards him with a roar, but not knowing as he chanted some dark language. I than felt something lock on my body and I went falling to the ground and was forced on the ground unable to move. 

Naraku laughed and jumped down towards me, victory on his face. "That talisman of your fathers I cursed it and now you are weak heheeh." I roared as I struggle, but kept my limbs down. I looked towards the battle, seeing my friends fight for their lives, to give me time. "I saw Lady Nymaway, healing her allies with Noelyn beside her. I stare in shock in see that Narasha joined in out of nowhere and killed a forsaken that got near Nymaway. I saw    Alf shooting down the forsaken by a mile away, his right leg was hurt, but anger shone in his eyes, forsaken seem to flinching just by looking at him. As I lay on the ground, I remember what the wolf king said to me. "Protect your family, your pack, those that you love, never give up, never betray like I have." I than thought of those that I love and hold to my heart.

"Now than Mix, time to say goodbye, you failed."


"What, but how!! how are you moving!" 

I slowly started to get up, my eyes burn with anger and hatred, but love for those that I hold dear. "I'll never give up!! I'll never die and let you live!! I will protect The Pack, my friends, those that I love! and my family that I'll get revenge for! As long as I have them in my heart, knowing that I can protect them, I can do anything!!"

I burst out of the talisman's circle and landed a punched on the face of the shocked Naraku. "Now, and forever this will end. This is for the wolf king and what he went through, from my decedents down to my family you killed and members of The Pack. YOU will feel my true RAGE! That I can now control, my rage of protectiveness." I landed serious of punches and kicks, he unable to attack back. 

He growled and slashed at me some more as I fought harder and harder. We were now in the air, I felt my claw contact with his rotten skin and could feel the sword stab me, but didn't care, all I thought about is the urge to get my revenge and my family and before me. I could hear my pack mates howling at me for encouragement, one I knew from Narasha yelling. "Kick his butt!!" I smiled at his shock face as I near him. "See, as long as I have them by my side, I'm strong." I landed a punch on his head and send him slamming into the lake below. He didn't come up after that. 

The forsaken army stare in fear, gawking and screaming "RETREAT!!" The Pack howled with joy, hugging, crying and helping the wounded up. I landed on the ground, and saw as the Pack looked towards me shouting


I smiled, feeling my rage form shift and was back to normal. "Its over now, the curse should be lifted. The wolf king, my family, I got your revenge."

Suddenly pain shot through my body as my side burst in pain as blood oozed from my sides. I than collapsed on my knees, all I could see is blurry vision as I collapsed on my pool of blood, darkness took over me.

I felt myself being carried by strong arms and felt  sun-light on my closed eyes. "Am I dead now? wolf king are you taking me away?" No reply back, instead felt something wet land on my face. "Thats odd, thought the rain stop?" It kept dropping on my face that I peeked my eye and saw faintly a worgen with black fur carry me, he had the saddest blue eyes and tears feel down his cheek." Who is he? he looks familiar, but I can't tell." I than went back into darkness.

Suddenly I was brought in a meadow where I saw my family and others I have no idea as the wolf king approached me, a smile shown on his wolf face. "Congratulations, you have won the battle and the curse has ended." "Who are the others?" "They are my decedents, you family." I looked as I stare at many faces, each have some worgen in them. One of them approached, she had the same hair color as mine and had beautiful blue eyes as she hugged the wolf king "You must be.." She nodded, but no words came out. Suddenly everyone started to vanish except for my family. 

My dad smiles, I saw as my mom cried some tears and smiles. My sister Lavender chuckled. "You got Naraku alright!! he wasn't prepare for that punch." I laughed, but stop as my family started to fade "WAIT, where are you going!!"

"Back to the dead, as for you, you have a life to finish."

"But I thought I did, I got your revenge." My mom smiled. "They need you my daughter, he needs you the most." and they vanish completely leaving me alone. 

I woke up painfully as my sides flare with pain, I heard a gasp and a shout of commands. "Mix is awake!! get some water and bandage!" I looked to see Noelyn look at me with relief and slap my face.

"Stay awake!! don't go down!" I groan.

"I'm not going to die, just feel pain."

"haha, no kidding, your sides a mess, but its healing fast, which I'm shocked."

I looked around to see that I was at the tree, where worgen were scurrying about, healing the wounded and carrying the dead out. I saw Lady Nymaway talking to her betas in hushed silence. Each were wounded with cuts and bruises. Narasha had a nasty black eye, but seems she'll be fine as she growled at the conservation.

As Noelyn cleaned my side and put on some fresh bandage I looked around and realized Alf wasn't around. "Noelyn, wheres Alf!" She chuckled. "Hmm have some feelings for that guy eh." She gave me a teasing look at my blushed face. "Well to ease you, he's fine, he's somewhere else, in here are the wounded. You were of the worst, you died for like two minutes, but came back. But than you started to heal, but the side took longer, but you'll be fine."

I nodded tiredly as I felt my eye lid close and went into another deep sleep. I awoke up and stare into Alf, who has black circles around his eyes and he looked like he been crying beside me. When he saw me awake he smiled and grabbed my hand, rubbing it slightly on his cheek, he sighs with relief. "Thank goodness your awake!!" I smiled, knowing now who carried me and knowing who cried. I knew or should of know from the beginning when my mom said "He needs you the most." I realized that moment Alf loved me and cared for me. I smile, tears fell down my cheek. "I'm glad your well."

I follow Alf slowly and painfully outside, he carried me up a hill where Gilneas city stood, the sun is up and all seems well again. He put me down as I staged a bit forward and admire the city. "We won, the forsaken will not bother us again."

"And your now free of the curse."

"…..I hope so…."

We stood in silence for sometime until I sighed and stretched. "Well, I guess I better me off, done my duty and now I'm not needed." "Alf sighs sadly. "Than I guess its goodbye…."

"Not goodbye forever, I'm sure we'll cross paths."

"…yeah cross paths huh."

After an awkward silence Alf made his move and embraced me in a hug, he rested his muzzle on my neck and moan. "Wish you could be in the guild, with all of us, with me." I nodded sadly as I embraced Alf, I buried my face in his muscular neck. "Guess it was not meant to be." He hesitantly let me go.

"Mix, if your leaving because of the curse of your decedent, thats not true, I will aways be your friend and will protect you with my life….I don't care if you change into a twenty foot troll with giant legs." I laughed at the thought of me turning into a troll. "Doesn't mater I'll care for you and…….love you" I gasp my heart raced as he leaned in and kissed my muzzle. His arms wrapped around my back as he pulled me in. I feel into his embrace and wrapped my arms around his neck and felt as if we were the only people in the world. 

Suddenly we heard an "Ahem." from behind us. I leaped out of Alf's embrace and stare blushing at Narahsa's appearance. We both blushed as she chuckled "Oh that was awkward, um…"

"Yeah I was about to go anyway..goodbye." Before I passed Narahsa, she gave my a shirt with The Pack symbol. "Unless you change your mind, Lady Nymaway request to see you below, your an official pack member." I gasp as I held the tabard. "Wait  WHAT!!" He nodded and walk off. "You can can uh…continue if you like." she blushed slightly and vanished off.

Alf did a whoopee and swooped me off my feet. "YES!! your a PACK MEMBER!!! YES!!!"

"Ouch my wound ouch!"

"Sorry…" He somber as he lowered me and places his forehead against mine and nuzzled my muzzle. "Come on, lets see the others." 

I felt my heart raced and didn't felt my wounds ache as I ran with Alf down the hill with all the pain and weight of the past off me as I accepted the future ahead of me. We bounded out of the woods where we saw the Pack as they looked towards me with smiles and cheers as they swarm over me and gave me a welcome to the guild. 

I saw Lady Nymaway off as she smiled and nodded, her mind enter my mind. "Welcome dear Mix, I'm honor to have you join us, you fought with excellence and glad to call you pack mate and friend." I felt tears as I let out a howl of joy, the Pack followed along as we howled to those that died and to our victory.

"Its over now, thank you King Graymane for telling me about The Pack, and now my true adventure with The Pack….Begins!!!"

The End :D

(Thank you guys so much for reading my stories!! hope you enjoy!!") 


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