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re: An Invitation


*There is a slight purple hue to the parchment, it smells of leaves and leather. It is perfectly folded and set in the envelope, sealed with the wax stamp of the Order's insignia.*

Nymaway and Greavell Andicott,

I hope this letter finds you both and your packmates in the best of health.

The honor of yours and your packs' presence is requested at the Order of the Kaldorei's Spring Gala to be held on the third of April when the bells toll seven times in the evening. 

A date auction will be held along with a few other competitions as well. If any of your brethren wish to partake, please ask them to respond with a list of likes and dislikes for the bidders to have read. 

Two-fifths of the winning bid will be for the person auctioned for their personal favor. The remaining bid will be for the Order's war efforts and hosting more events in the future.

Autumn Silentwind, Shan'do.


((OOC time! We are hosting a Spring Gala and would love to have you fine furred folks join us! There will be a date auction, transmog contest, dueling tournament, A cook-off, and a Jade Panther Raffle!

I am in charge of the Date Auction, as it stands, and we have figured that 40% of the winning bid will go towards the person that was auctioned off. The remaining 60% will be for our Order to host more server events. 

Please get in touch with me in-game on Autumn if you wish to partake in the date auction. It should be a ton of fun! ))



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