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re: See you in the dream.


With the sound of the Alpha's single distress howl echoing in their ears, two worgen druids in their giant cat form raced through the forest in the direction of the great tree den in the Blackwald.


Thunder boomed in the clouds above and lightning seemed to be flashing all around them, the rain poured down making the soil beneath their paws muddy and hard to run in. Little sticks, and pine needles seemed to be falling from the sky, hitting the two of them in their faces and stinging their eyes. It did not matter though, they both knew that their beloved Alpha was in trouble and that time was of the essence.


The closer they got to the great tree den the foul odor of death and decay still lingers in the air. Shroom looked back at Adalene giving her a look of worry before quietly snarling. They both knew the horrible stench of the undead and it fueled their burning hatred further.


Once at the den it was obvious there was a struggle. The soil was kicked up, shriveled thorny vine like roots lay rotting on the ground and scorched markings on the back wall.


Adalene shifts out of her giant cat form, she looks to Shroom as he does the same. “ There was a fight here my love, and it would seem like it was at least two or three against one.”


Shroom's stands up in his worgen form, his pointy ears slant downward as he begins to look around the den, his fists clenched tightly, he moves towards one of the entrances then quickly kneels lowering his hand to the ground. “ There is blood here, and it is still warm.” Adalene races over dropping to her knees, she dips her claws into the blood then brings it to her snout breathing in the scent.


“ She has been poisoned my love, her blood wreaks of it.” Her ears slant back as she lets out a faint cry of worry before looking out of the entrance with a look of anger in her eyes. Shroom places his paw on her shoulder and in a growl like whisper, “ We will find her, and bring her home safely.”


Looking back down at the pools of blood Shroom notices a muddied trail leading out of the den. He points it out to Adalene. “ We should hurry before the rain washes their tracks away.”


The couple then shifts back to their giant cat forms and rush out of the den, paws digging into muddy earth as they follow the trail desperately seeking their Alpha.


Rain seems to fall harder making the trail very difficult to follow, however the stench of death and decay grew stronger. Trusting their noses they pressed on until they came to a wall of rock. The trail had led them south near the ruins of Stormglen Village.


Shifting back to her worgen form Adalene looks up shielding her eyes with her left paw preventing the rain from hitting them. “ Do you think they brought her up there?”


Shroom shakes his head remaining in his giant cat form, he looks around sniffing the air and muddied soil then lets out a roar. Adalene quickly shifts back to her cat form rushing over to him. There before them partially sticking out of the mud was a black feather that had been wrapped with vines that had tiny red and white beads hanging from it. They both recognized it as one of the feathers that Nymaway wore in her hair.


As they look upon the feather with a great pain in their eyes something breaks their silence. A noise off to their right. Their ears perk up, they look towards the sound, and notice a faint glowing green light.

Quickly they lower their bodies to the ground allowing the shadows to consume them. They both move with great stealth towards the glowing green light. The light leads them to the ruins of Stormglen Village, and there in the center of the ruins was the undead warlock and his imp who both seemed to be summoning something, and off to the side was a dark figure that crouched down beside what appeared to be Nymaway's body.


With a hiss the warlock screams at his imp. “ You fool keep your hands steady quit your jumping around! And YOU quit fawning over her and get over here and help!”

The rogue looks down at Nymaway once more before gliding his bony fingers across her face. “ Soon you will understand true suffering” He hoarsely whispers before getting up and walking over to them.

Trying to remain still the imp cowers and does what its told, holding its hands steady as the warlock chants in a demonic language.


Out of the mud a dark black and red like demon seems to grow but then it opens up to reveal some sort of portal.


The warlock continues his evil chant and out of the portal two more undead appear all dressed in dark leather like armor. They greet the rogue with a hiss and a salute then quickly fade to the shadows. The imp starts to jump around once more then the warlock kicks it which sends it flying right into Shroom and Adalene revealing them.


Jumping forward Shroom shifts back to his worgen form. “ Run! Get out of here I will hold them off, go find the others!”


Adalene lets out a roar as she shifts into a giant bear, she charges ahead of Shroom ignoring his commands, swiping at the undead rogue who remained out of the shadows.


The other two who disappeared quickly reappear behind Adalene, they start stabbing her in the back with their poisoned daggers over and over, blood spilling, but still she fights on swinging her paws at the other.


Shroom lets out a howl as his body begins to change, his legs begin to grow into roots, his arms into branches, his eyes glow as he takes on the form of a great healing tree. Desperately he tries to mend Adalenes wounds, but the rogues keep plunging their blades into her body.


Shroom starts to run towards them still calling forth his druid healing magics, but the tree form fades weakening him slightly.


The rogue evades Adalene's attempts and vanishes appearing behind Shroom, he sticks his poisoned blade still fresh with the blood of Nymaway into his back severing his spine. Shroom falls to his knees then completely over onto his back.


Roaring violently Adalene turns around swiping at the two who were stabbing her knocking them back, her eyes instantly fill with rage, she charges at the rogue who stood before Shroom. The rogue pulls off his mask revealing a partially rotted face, when he smiles all of his teeth on the left side of his face are exposed in his jaw. “ I think I shall let you live long enough to watch your mate die.”


Adalene knocks the rogue away from Shroom, she swipes her massive paws at him scraping his armor, the other rogues start to chase after her, but fall back when a giant burst of fel flame blazes past them hitting Adalene in the back creating a burning ember that scorches through her fur and through her flesh. She lets out a roar in pain, and the rogues them jump her plunging their blades into her rib cage.


As she falls to the ground, her body instantly shifts to her worgen form no longer strong enough to hold the shape of the great bear. The two rogues back off then fade into the shadows, the other composes himself then walks over to her lifting her head up by the fur he slowly whispers in her left ear. “ You should have fled like your mate told you to.” He raises the blade to her throat holding it there for a moment staring into her eyes.


“ What the FEL are you DOING?! She is waking up!” The warlock screams pointing his bony finger at Nymaway who is starting to stir.


Letting out an annoyed screech he lets go of Adalene, her head thuds against the ground as he races over to Nymaway, he pulls out a second blade from his belt plunging it into her thigh. She lets out a soft moan of pain, then slips back into unconsciousness.


“ You need to stop taking forever with things and get the job done quickly like I have paid you for you fool!” The warlock screams. “ Now pick her up and get into the portal we don't have all night!”


The rogue hisses once more placing his blades back on his belt, the other two rogues appear from the shadows helping him lift Nymaway, they move towards the portal carrying her through it disappearing.


"GO ON!” the warlock screams at his imp once more pointing at the portal. The imp jumps through the portal with out hesitation, and then the warlock does the same. The portal stays active for a moment longer then disappears back into the mud from which it came.


Adalene lets out a soft cry hoping to hear Shroom's voice. “ My, hear me? Please wake up.”


Shroom lets out a hacking cough, blood trickles down the side of his muzzle as he looks over at Adalene. “ I can't feel my legs or anything.”


With tears in her eyes Adalene drags herself over to Shroom, she lays her head on his chest. “ I feel so dizzy my love.”


“ It is the poison Addy, the rogues poison is going to kill us.” Shroom says as he coughs up more blood.


With a soft sob Adalene clutches onto Shroom's leather armor, she lifts her head one final time kissing him softly on the cheek. “ I will see you in the dream my love.”


With one last breath Shroom whispers. “ I will see you there.”


There beneath the trees and the crying sky lay two dead members of the pack.



To be continued.




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re: See you in the dream.


Im not sure.  But I think Narasha may be getting angry at this warlock.


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re: See you in the dream.


Perhaps Narasha should contribute his anger here

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