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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust! Part Two!

Greavell hurries down between the rows of dwarves making it back to Nymaway, he looks at her then gives her a nod. “ King Bruenor is now aware of the enemy ahead, and agrees that we make camp to ready ourselves.”

“Most excellent, our pack members have all been informed of the plan. Everyone is ready I believe, so if they strike early we will have the upper hand.” Nymaway gives Greavell a slight smile then looks to her left scanning the area. A small flash up over the hill draws her attention, she narrows her eyes then looks back to Greavell. “It would appear the last light of the day has reflected off some one up on those hills. Perhaps shinning off someones armor.”

Looking in the same direction as her, Greavell notices the light reflecting back a few times. “ You were right, we are being watched. Shall we set the DreadFangs loose on them?”

Shaking her head. “ No, not yet. I want them to think we are stopping for the night. I want them to think we are vulnerable.”

A grin spreads across Greavell's face, his eyes shine as he looks at her. “ I do love the way you think, I hope you know that.”

A faint color of pink spreads across Nymaway's face, she shakes her head. “ Yeah, yeah, I know you do, but not is not the time for such comments.” She stiffens up in her saddle then tightens her grip on the reins of the horse once again.

Greavell rolls his eyes playfully. “ Yes my Alpha, it shall not happen again my Alpha.” He then leaves her side riding down the rows of worgen inspecting them.

A shout in the distance of one of the dwarves can be heard. “ We will set up camp here for the night!”

The dwarves of Battlehammer then break from formation, and begin to jump off their ram mounts gathering in a circle. A few of them break off collecting wood for a fire, and others break out a few barrels of ale pouring drinks passing them around.

Nymaway pats the side of her horse then jumps down, she walks past one of the dwarves handing out ale grabbing two mugs, she then walks up to King Bruenor passing one of the drinks to him. “ King Bruenor, shall we discuss the plan?”

King Bruenor takes the mug then brings it to his lips drinking almost half in one gulp, some of it dribbles down his beard, he then wipes his face with his arm. “ Thank ye I needed that, and yes I would like to go over it now Alpha Nymaway.”

Sipping her drink, she listens to King Bruenor intently. Everyone else around them acts oblivious to the two of them going about their business setting up camp as planned.

“ One of me scouts tells me they are up past the bridge ahead waiting for their scouts to return with the reports of what we are doing. What we will do is wait for them to send their scout back out, take him down then we will launch the first attack, but not with all we got. More so to feel them out gauge what we are up against.”

With a nod Nymaway looks past Bruenor, she raises her hand gesturing for Adalene to come over. Adalene snaps up rushing over to Nymaway. “ Yes my lady what can I do?”

“ Prepare the DreadFangs, tell them to take to the shadows, when the horde scout arrives have him taken out quickly, then report back to King Bruenor and I immediately.” Nymaway then looks back to King Bruenor.

With a salute Adalene rushes off gathering the members DreadFangs.

Nymaway studies the King's face then speaks.“ So after this first initial wave, we will then send in the real force correct?”

“Aye correct, once the first group returns informing us of their weaknesses, we will then strike with the best of what we have. The rest will remain on the bridge taking out anything that comes in behind us.” King Bruenor runs his fingers through his beard, then finishes his ale.

With a nod Nymaway then glances around the group, she meets eyes with Kabermags, a very headstrong and vocal priest in her pack. She then stands facing Bruenor saluting him. “ I am going to prepare some of the others with this plan, I shall be back.”

She walks up to Kabermags taking him to the side. “Alright I am going to need you during this upcoming battle. We are sending in a small group to see what we are up against, once they have returned filling us in on their weaknesses, I am going to need you to motivate our pack, and the dwarves to focus those targets. Do you think you can do that my friend?”

With a grin and a nod. “ It is what I do best now isn't it?” Kabermags eyes shine wildly.

“Excellent, prepare yourself, and wait for our signal.”

Nymaway looks around she sees Greavell, she starts to walk over to him, but Adalene appears from the shadows with the rest of the DreadFangs. “ It has been done my lady, the scout has been taken out.”

“ That was fast, well I shall go inform King Bruenor now. Prepare yourselves, and inform the others.”

With one last glance at Greavell, she sighs muttering under her breath. “Let the battle begin.”

To be Continued.

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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust! Part Two!

Greavell dismounts, walking towards a group of his packmates. They look up and give bows and salutes as he approaches, quickly to be waved off by him. He begins to help them start making camp.

Looking out over the assembled worgen, his eyes narrow against the setting sun, lost in thought a moment, he did not see Ultraroth approach. The death knight clears his throat, drawing Greavell's attention back to his surroundings.

"Ah yes, Are the Alpha Guard ready, brother?"

Ultraroth closes his fist and touches it over his heart. "They will not get to her, Elder."

Greavell nods, looking over the crowd, his eyes fixing on Nymaway once again. "See to it that no harm comes to her, that is all, Brother, go prepare for the coming storm." The two bowed to one another, before the deathknight moved off.

Turning back to the assembled worgen, Greavell took a deep breath, addressing them he spoke loudly, his voice carrying to them. "Brothers and sisters, this is the moment we have trained for. Our enemy rides swiftly towards us. Tonight they will feel our fury! Fight with honor! Make our Alpha proud!"

A few cheers began to pick up as the worgens listened to him, the feel of the camp turning to a building energy. "Front line fighters will be with me, we ride through and break their lines. Alpha Guard, stay near Nymaway. Casters and hunters, engage targets as they appear." He finished giving the initial commands, the members of the pack arranged themselves in their battle formations, weapons drawn, ready for battle.

He closed his eyes then, sending a thought across the mindlink to Nymaway. We are ready.
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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust! Part Two!

Sephile examines the remains of the battlefield for any sign of the enemy. Certain that there's no sign of the enemy he smiles and walks to a corpse of a Forsaken spellweaver. He leans over the corpse and searchs the robes of the spellweaver until he finds his spell tome. Sephile smiles and stands up he flips through the pages of the book and frowns with disappointment. "This contains nothing that I don't already know." He puts the book in his bag. "But it should be useful for any future apprentice."

Sephile looks over the barren battlefield once more. "I should probably leave before enemy scouts report my presence or get reported absent from camp." He turns back walks back to the camp. As he enters the camp he slips into his tent tosses his bag on the ground and lays down on his bedroll."I wonder how violent this will get?" Sephile then shuts his eyes for a moments rest.
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