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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust!

Nymaway places her hand above her eyes blocking out the light, squinting looking ahead. Two rows of dwarves riding on their rams marched ahead. She turns looking back to two solid rows of her pack members all riding on their Gilnean steeds.

She then looks to Greavell on her right, a soft sigh escapes her crimson lips. " I am thankful for our dwarven allies, though I worry that we are putting them in harms way with this journey to Gilneas."

Greavell lets out a chuckle. “ Nymaway, we have been fighting along side the Battlehammers for almost two years now, and you are worried about them being in harms way now?”

Nymaway tightens her grip on the reins of her horse, then wrinkles her nose. “ Well with the news of this undead group moving closer, and closer to the ruins of our home, and I hear that other horde banners are starting to join together as well, I sense nothing but trouble in our near future. The last thing I want is to see those I love, and care for hurting for us.”

“We have been in countless battles together Nymaway, what makes this different then all the rest?” Greavell looks ahead, then back to her.

Shaking her head then closing her eyes for a brief moment. “In the last two years, we have fought off our enemies, but none of them were ever heavily allied with other banners. Things are changing Greavell, don't you sense it?”

A soft breeze blows past the two, and down the two rows of worgen. The scent of their enemies rides on the winds, and instantly tension rises within the pack. Those in their human from now tremble with the rage they all try to contain.

Nymaway looks back raising her hand gesturing for her pack members to keep calm, she then looks back to Greavell. “ Horde are close, ride ahead, and warn the Battlehammers, judging by the scent I would say there are quite a few of them.”

With a nod, and a soft kick to his horse's side, Greavell rides ahead to speak to King Bruenor.

Adalene moves up along side Nymaway, she looks at her then moves her horse closer leaning in and whispering. “ What will you have us do my lady?”

“ Show no signs of alarm, ride down the rows informing the others. I think we are being watched. Let them know we will be stopping soon, we will act as though we are preparing camp for the evening, and then we will strike.”

Adalene grins, then quickly turns her horse around, riding down the rows informing the others.

Looking ahead, under her breath Nymaway whispers. “ Nothing is going to get in our way, we will make it to Gilneas.”

To Be Continued.

(( Those of you who would like to contribute to this thread please post your RP replies here. I encourage that you do. This is the start of the RP/WPVP event that the alliances and horde have been working on for months. So please contribute your stories let us bring our community together. ))

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re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust!

The charms on his armor rattled as the horse gained speed. Several of the Battlehammers looked up as the druid rode past. Greavell's stallion whickered as he tugged at the reins, bringing the horse in along side Bruenor.

Looking back over the lines of battle hardened dwarves, Greavell grinned, his attention snapping back to the leader of the dwarves as he spoke. "Well, what is it lad?"

"Watchers," the gilnean replied. "Eyes in the hills and trees.... there is something foul in the air, we should prepare to make camp, and ready ourselves for the approach of the enemy, my friend."

The dwarven king grimaced, looking to either side. "Aye, ye not be wrong, Greave." Turning in the saddle on his proud ram, Bruenor shouted to his troops. "Lads! Make fer th' Span! We'll be meeting them there!"

Greavell nodded to Bruenor before wheeling his horse, giving the stallion his spurs again as he rode back towards his packmates. He mumbled to himself as he rode, "This is what we trained for... we will be ready..."
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re: re: [RP] Gilneas, or bust!

Adalene quickly turns her horse around, riding down the rows she informs the pack." Be prepared we are being watched, but show no signs of alarm, as the Alpha has requested us to remain calm.

Adalene works her way down the line of pack members, Once she has completed her request she returns to the Alphas side. My lady your request has been completed, the members are aware and ready at your call. The Dread fangs are also prepared if you need our assistance as well.

Adalene turns her horse as she returns to her position in the line as they continue to head forward, her ears are perked up,and her nose to the wind, she can smell the hordes stench.


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