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re: The Call of Orevic

(( Written by Orevic. ))

The smoke roiled and filled the narrow alley way, grabbing at the three brothers as they stumbled ahead in a blind panic. Orevic groaned as the nightmare pulled him deeper into it's depths. "This way, hurry up we can make it to the cathedral!" Leirun shouted against the screams and howls that tore at their sanity. As they burst from the the mouth of the alley the smoke thinned and they fell head long into a tangle of bodies of the Gilnean watch.

Dannul wretched at the sight of severed limbs and disemboweled guardsmen. A deep menacing growl, caused Orevic to look over his shoulder as he helped Dannul to his feet. The worgen leaped, as Orevice pushed Dannul forward screaming at him to run. The worgens jaws snapped shut breaking bone and rending the flesh between Orevics shoulder and neck. Orevic thrashed and kicked in his sleep, a hoarse whisper of "Run Dannul, run." escaped his lips." "Orevic, Orevic you're going to be alright. Ohhh please you have to be alright." Dannul cried as his body was wracked by sobs.

Orevic's eyes cracked open seeing Dannul crouching next to him and holding his hand tightly. He saw Leirun reach down to take his other hand. "Just hold on brother, the priest are coming, I told you we would make it." A weak smile played across Leirun's face. Orevic noticed the sword in his brothers other hand, wondering where he gotten it. The darkness pulled at him. The hot coppery taste of blood filled his mouth, his claws flayed the skin. Dannul's screams rang in his ears.

Orevic lurched up violently soaked with sweat and trembling as the tears ran down his muzzled face. He sat in the darkness as the smells, taste and sounds faded from memory. "Brothers, sisters hear me…. come, come." The voice whispered. ''Greavell?" Orevic said as the images of the forsaken and the Cathedral of Gilneas formed in his mind. "I am here." Orevic sent back mental images of the narrow landing inside the cathedral bell tower.

Shaken from the nightmare Orevic half stumbled down the bell tower stairs to a small balcony that over looked the main sanctuary. The clank and rasp of plate and mail armor drifted up to him as he peered over the railing. Forsaken guardsmen and warriors were fanning out amongst the pews and peering into alcoves and looking up stairwells. Two ragged figures of worgens with hoods pulled over their heads were being pulled towards the alter of the LIght. Followed closely by two priest of the Forgotten Shadow. Orevic closed his eyes and sent the images out to the Pack. "Hurry, hurry." He muttered to himself.

As the worgen captives reached the steps of the raised dais, Orevic uttered a small incantation and jumped over the balcony railing and floated to the sanctuary floor. Letting loose a howled "No!" as he touched the ground.

The Forsaken guardsmen rushed forward drawing their weapons. Orevic prayed frantically and clapped his hands in front of his chest and pushed them out and arcing them to either side of his body. A brilliant blast of light raced forward in a magnificent halo. It crashed into the nearest guardsmen knocking them from their feet. Orevic strode forward, the shimmering glow of the Holy Light forming a shield around him. He lashed out at the guardsmen regaining their feet with a physic scream that set them to trembling in place or scrabbling to flee the sight of the Disciplined Priest marching into them.

Orevic reached out to smite other guardsmen with the Light or to burn them in the Holy fire. Orevic sang a prayer of penance into another forsaken who was charging him from the dais, the guardsman fell smoldering. The shield of Light guarding Orevic shattered into a million glittering shards and faded to nothing. The words of smite faded from his lips as his tongue swelled silencing him. The priest of the Forgotten Shadow stood on the dais, arms raised. Pain wracked Orevics body and he staggered to his knees. He sought the words of the Hymn of hope, his thoughts scattered like fall leaves. The spikes of pain drove deep into his brain as his mind exploded in fiery pain. The blood oozed from his ears as he fell forward, a fanged tooth snapping from the impact.

"Orevic, Orevic come on now you'll be alright." The light was blinding as Orevic opened his eyes. "It's alright, come on we have to go." As his eyes adjusted he could see Dannul holding his hand. "Dannul…. is that… you." Dannul smiled his eyes shone with a life that Orevic did not remember. "Time to go brother, mother and Da are waiting." Dannul started leading Orevic into a blazing door of Light
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