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re: Dargo Dressed for the Call?

(( This is written by Dargo. ))

“C'mon, lets go you idiot..” Dargo said as he grabbed Alenjandros by the shoulder.Al turns around swiftly and whispers, “Hey brother, why you got to drag me away from the ladies, can’t you get your own?”“We have work to do, and you know who will not be happy if we are late on delivery.

Besides, all we have been through for this stupid thing was ridiculous and I want to get paid.” replied Dargo.“What? You didn’t like the dress I picked out for you this time? It was your favorite color and everything.” Al said with a hint of anger in his voice.Dargo punches Al in the shoulder before quietly saying, “Not so loud, jeez. And you wonder why I can never get my own girls, you tell them I wear dresses, and you know that’s only on the job.”After a another minute or two of arguing the pair made their way out of the Pig and Whistle and into the alley to meet their temporary employer.

But before they could reach him, a voice came into their heads followed by a vision of undead forming up in front of the church in Gilneas. After it was gone, Al said, “Man, he is not going to like it if we don’t show up.”“It’s doesn’t matter, we will deal with it later, we have to go.” Dargo said.“Fine, and from now on, you get your own god damn dress.” Al said with a smirk as he tossed Dargo the one he wore on their last mission.The pair of them jumped on their mechano-hogs and headed for the front gate
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