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re: Bocephus hears the call. (kinda)

There was no way out. Bocephus was backed into a corner and he knew it. He looked around the area but there was no escape and he was surrounded. Squirrels were all around and throwing their nuts at him from all directions.
Rage began to build up in Bocephus. "That's it! I have had enough of this. You all shall pay for this disgrace!" He said as he began to build up power.
The squirrels took note and stop throwing their foodstuffs in anticipation of the danger to come.
Bocephus gathered up his power and his will in full concentration as he began to bring forth a gout of flame that would consume the squirrels (and probably leave him bald) in one giant spell.
Then it happened.
A squirrel stole his hat.
All concentration was lost and tiny fireballs began to explode out of Bocephus in all directions. This made him dizzy and it didn't help matters that he began to spin uncontrollably.
When he finally got control of his momentum and his wits, he was dismayed to see that he had several tiny blazes all over his clothes.
The squirrels were applauding.
Bocephus let out a frustrated huff and smoke shot out of his nostrils.
The squirrels started to laugh.
He looked for his hat only to see a team of squirrels running away with it balanced on their backs. One squirrel was on top of the hat tittering at him.
A rare inspiration came to Bocephus. Fire hadn't been known to work against squirrels. Ice might. Suddenly Bocephus channeled all his frustrations and rage and emptied the air around him of heat. Ice covered the ground in a ten foot radius engulfing all the squirrels and his hat. (it also put out all the tiny fires on his clothes but left dozens of holes)
Bocephus straightened himself with as much dignity as he could muster and went to retrieve his hat.
Things began to get blurry then. His thoughts became unfocused and he began to see a place he had only been once. Then words resounded in his head.
"Hear brothers me, sisters and"
Bocephus snapped out of the near trance and quickly retrieved his hat. What had that message meant? He could clearly tell it was from his friend Greavell but he couldn't understand what he was trying to say.
Bocephus considered the words for time and let out a exasperated sigh.
"Great. My call has dyslexia."
Shaking his head he drew up his focus and ported away. The squirrels seemed disappointed.

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