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re: The new Panda Guild (The Pandas of the four winds)

Welcome to The Pandas of the four winds

WE ARE A ALL PANDA GUILD.....for all the päcks alts and new players ( Guild site to Apply and Reg)

We would like to invite everyone to come play with us. we will be a full range guild with RP,PVP,and PVE for all..

we hope you find are all panda guild fun,and productive. all päck members are welcome to join us, as well as our Allied Guild Battle hammer.
But all pandas are welcome to apply even if you are not with the päck or Battlehammer.

We all know that leveling will take us some time as pandas, but if you are changing your race, your high level to panda please feel free to come on board with us.
We will be a casual guild to start with, but if we decide as a group that we want to take on some more serious stuff well, at that time we will discuss that then,

This will be a All panda guild again and i say that as if you have other toons who need a guild Please look into any of the
Guild Alliance
Clan Battlehammer
Kingship of the East
Bold as Lions
the Acidnation

I will be working on code of conduct and rules in the next few days please make sure if you are added to the guild you go back and read and sign please. HAVE A GREAT TIME IN MOP AND COME LEVEL WITH US..
contact Crittchicken for more information....


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