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re: The Loss of a Päck member.

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Lulabella who passed away August 10th. She joined our pack at the very begining of August,she was very sweet, loyal, and kind. She was not always social, but when she was she was always very witty, and a pleasure to be around.

She enjoyed roleplaying, and was about to become one of Greavell's apprentices.

It is not just our pack who mourns the loss of Lulabella, she was also one of the founding members who started The Silvermoon Sisterhood on horde side.

She had dreams of seeing an all womens guild rising up, and showing the men how to PVP.

The memorial services will be announced soon.

I found this quote below, and I feel that we must always remember Lulabella. We will carry her in our hearts where ever we go.

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love."

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re: The Loss of a Päck member.

Oh my. How tragic.

I didn't know her, but still, the loss of someone is always very sad.

Prayers to her family.

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re: The Loss of a Päck member.

Our fair sister, Lulabella now walks within the Dream. She has passed beyond our reach and our sight, however she will always live on in our hearts and in our minds.

Her time here, with us was short, but in that time, those whose lives she touched, knew the grace that was in her soul.

She lives on now in a place where the pain of this world can no longer reach her. The hardship of these times can no longer affect her.

She came to me looking for guidance, to teach her the druidic ways. She had so many questions, so many curiosities. I only wish that I could have answered more for her, done more for her.

She will be missed. She will be cherished. She will Never be forgotten. She will always run with our Päck, always.

((Greave's eulogy for her. Lula was a good friend, and will be missed.)
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re: The Loss of a Päck member.

I didn't want to post this on the main sites, and it took me all weekend to get through it. I wanted to try and explain Lulabella/River to everyone who didn't know her. It's an awful mesh of my feelings and who she was...but it's the best I can give and I hope it helps some get to know and understand how some of us who got to know her got to view her...

I will always stand and fight for you...
You have always fought and cried to justify me.

My love for you will stop when I can't breath.
I wish I could have walked this path wit you to show you, that you were loved and needed.
I wish I could have taken your place so you wouldn't have to hurt and fear like you did.
Now you are gone and I feel left and torn apart...but I don't blame you so never fear that sis.
I would have burned the world for you to see your face change to a smile.
I would have bled to death and turned to gray, just to save you.

I made my promise, to always stand by you and be there.
I promised I would never let you be alone, I feel like a part of me has failed you.
I will stand and fight to keep all we built going.
I won't let you be forgotten.

You had pain buried deep with in the past, I hoped we had left it there
Now I wonder what I missed, what I could have done to be a better big sis
I wait all hours to see you log on, to see you smile, to laugh, to gank and run...but your gone.
It's something I don't wanna face, I don't wanna face it.

I know you said you feel it's all the same, But I promised that'll change
I'm sorry if I couldn't prove the change to you, I really did try sis.
You know I'm still trying to believe that you're never gonna leave
I was always the naïve one, it made you laugh at me.
You always said you had to stay close to make sure I didn't get taken advantage of
You were my proctor and I was yours. I just wish I could have protected you from yourself.

My heartstrings have come undone
I will wait for you, I will pray for you
Before I make my final run
I will stay with you, decay with you

I know I'm not the perfect one, This pain has just begun
I'm trying to deal with it, and you said not to hurt. But sis I hurt so bad
You bring me to a better path, It's everything I asked
You made me smile and laugh, you got me trough the blackest of nights
I got you through some of the darkest of your own
I'm sorry in your hour of all lost hope I was not at your side...
Tell me sis why didn't you reach out?

I wanted to tell you all the things that were true but you never wanted to here.
I wanted to see you roll your eyes again and blush at me over telling them to you sissy
So I'll make the list one last time...and this time I'll let it live forever, and maybe in forever when we see each other again you will see it and we can do all the things we planned...

Sis your...

A Dreamer
A thinker
A surviver
An angel
The sister I always wanted
Gorgeous inside and out
You have everything to live for, your future is so bright

Sis I love you, and I always will. Never think anything you do will ever change that. We have been through hell and back together. And we always stood side by side. That will never change. I love you sis...I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you...and as I told you I will love you twice as much for every person who ever said you weren't loveable. They lost out...and as I always said sis. Fuck em, they don't deserve your amazing heart.

You are loved.
You are cherished.
You are my sister.
You are amazing
You are my angel now.
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