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re: Päck Recruitment

Upstairs in the Blue Recluse two worgen sat quietly at one of the corner tables. The tavern was some what busy that night. Down below four dwarves at the bar enjoying a good ale. Towards the doorway a night elf female writing something down on parchment.

Nymaway sips her drink quietly as she looks at Iardeth. She studies his facial features for a moment before she breaks the silence. “ The horde are making it a point to try to seek us out every where we go.” Nymaway places her drink down on the wooden table as she glances away.

Iardeth's ears slant back slightly as he lets out a low growl. “ Aye after having to rush Canttina's and Aratheion's handfasting ceremony due to the horde lingering around, I have come to the conclusion that we must search for others to join The Päck.

Nymaway growls low showing her agitation about the situation that was mentioned. “ Very well send word to the Betas of The Päck, tell them to be on the look out for lone worgen when they are out in the forests.” Nymaway grabs her drink and begins to sip it, her left ear twitches slightly in response to one of the dwarves belching really loud downstairs.

There at the corner table the Alphas sat for a while longer before finishing their drinks and placing a few gold pieces down on the table. As they walk down the stairs they notice the dwarves passed out at the bar, and the night elf that was writing is no where in sight.

The two leave quietly, though their minds racing with thoughts of the recent situations.

(( The Päck is an all worgen PVP/RP guild. We are currently looking for more worgen members that enjoy PVP and RP as much as we do.
We run Arenas, RBGs, and normal Bgs to help members get the proper gear. The Päck has strong friendships/alliances with other guilds of the Alliance and enjoys defending Alliance territory. ))

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re: Päck Recruitment

I was totally going to add an IC response on the thread on the drama forums with me sitting in the corner, watching you two, and silently passing gas and acting like it wasn't me.

However, I decided against it. :b


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