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  • NO Ads
  • 10 gigabytes of storage
  • Guild Newsletter
  • Raid Tracking Tools
  • Advanced Raid Reporting
  • Multi-Game Functionality

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This plan costs 45 Points Per Day and we have 0 days remaininig.

Voice Server

Crowd Pay does not include a voice server.


  13th - Adlet Blackwood: 10350 pts.
  24th - Sonall: 20700 pts.
  26th - RedmaneRaedolf: 3960 pts.
  24th - Siegfried Felheart: 1890 pts.
  24th - Laernyx: 2835 pts.
  24th - Nemo_the_Wizard: 900 pts.
  1st - Gamer Launch: 90 pts.

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