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re: Abi's Roll Based Progression Rules


Here are the rules we'll follow for -most- of my RP events that involve any sort of battle outside of WPvP.


• Group Leader will set the number of encounters prior to event. 

• Group Leader will determine how many enemies there are before each encounter with a /roll. Each enemy has 10 HP.

• Each group member will /roll 10 in order determined by Group Leader ahead of time. 

• If you /roll 5 or less, you have taken on damage equal to the amount rolled. If you /roll 6+ you have damaged the enemy equal to the amount rolled. If you /roll a 10, it's an instant kill to one enemy. I encourage you to RP your actions out based on your /roll. Whether it be of your injury, or of your success. 

Example: I have /rolled a 3 before the encounter which means there are 3 enemies to take down. In order for them to all die, we must have a combined score of 30 rolled before the encounter can conclude. 

• If you take on 10 total personal damage, throughout all the encounters, you must sit out for 5 group rolls. After you sit out, your total personal damage is reset to 0.

• If we have healers present, they can choose to /roll on their turn to heal a particular party member or to damage the enemy. The rules of success and failure apply the same to healing. 

Example: I have taken on 9 total personal damage with my lousy RNG. Healer A can choose to heal me. If Healer A rolls a 7, I will now have 2 personal damage and my ability to continue fighting is looking a lot better. If Healer A rolls a 1-5, their heal failed and the roll amount will be an injury added to their total personal damage taken. 




That's it! If anyone is still confused, please let me know and I'll do my best to get you up to speed.




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