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Hello and welcome to the official website of the Päck! Are you a lost son or daughter of Gilneas seeking a home? Well you have found it here! We are an all Worgen RP/PVP guild looking to restore Gilneas to its former glory and remove the foul footprint of the Forsaken. Join us and help us in our noble task! Thank you for your interest.

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Mixsherly Youtube Channel

by Joek Bogbat, 3 days ago

One of our own Pack members will be making and posting videos of Pack event on youtube.  The channel can be found here Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date.


Below is her intro video.

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Päck Promotions!

by Zee/Hitavo, 4 days ago

We the Betas, Elders, and Alpha would like to thank everyone who came to promotions tonight and would like to congratulate those who had gotten promoted. Keep up the great work that you all put into making this guild the great home that it is. 




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by Tate Waru, 5 days ago

Thanks to everyone who came to our Flex raid last night. We'll be hitting Siege again the same time next week, and hopefully another day as well, stay tuned for that. Ideally we'll have a self-contained raid or a joint raid with one of our allied guilds.

To those of you who are hesitant about your gear or raiding in general, I'd say just give it a shot. I'll be running LFRs on my tank all tomorrow (Tues.) afternoon (starting ~2:00pm server). Feel free to come learn the fights, ask any questions, and maybe win a bit of gear. No one will yell at you if you mess up, I promise. 

To those who already know the gig and have the gear, I'll be running a pick up Flex 3 & 4 (or maybe even a normal pick up) later this week.

The raid's primary needs right now are: Healers, a Tank, and Melee DPS. 


[Image Courtesy Edriche]

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